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  1. Hi guys! I’ve been digging deep within these last few days. I’ve been trying to find my will. My mother was a strong woman and I asked her to lend me strength. As time passes without those rose colored glasses on, I’ve had realization after realization that I’ve always known this relationship would end this way. Its been two weeks since the break up and I could not find a place to re home my animals. Truth be told, I couldn’t handle the thought of selling them off and I couldn’t bring myself to try anymore. It was my choice to give them up but it wasn’t. If my roommates didn’t smoke so much, I
  2. I believe I’ll have a relationship therapist on standby if I can ever bring myself to get back in the relationship business. My previous ex of 8 years caused a fair bit of damage, but our break up was mutual. It took almost two years before I felt that I was ready to move on. Then I went on dates with different kinds of men but there was always a strong feeling I had that these men weren’t right for me. I failed to find any romantic interest in anyone for another two years. Then I met him at work. I was instantly overtaken by interest. You’d think I’d have raced up to him to introduce myself b
  3. I’m struggling with the idea of just telling him to find homes for everyone. I’m sure it’s a self preservation instinct. I can’t fight for a relationship if he won’t even step into the ring so I can only try to fly away. Then I kick myself at the thought of being so selfish. I thought after a few days I’d become numb to these feelings. It’s not the healthiest way to deal, but at least it’s a good cover up. Fake it till you make it. I’ve lost 8lbs in only 6 days. So I try to make myself eat. Yet I only manage to eat a few bites of ice cream or half a chocolate bar or abandon that and grab a bot
  4. Thank you for saying that Kayc. I’ve in a way come to acceptance of our break up. After spending hours and hours online reading forums, articles, and other posts on this site, I realize that he’s too emotionally mature to be in a serious relationship. I turned a blind eye to all of the signs even though I knew for a fact that too many red flags had been waved. I told myself over and over again that he’d “grow up” one day. The fact that I still haven’t been able to find a safe home for my animals makes things more difficult. I can’t just abandon them here. I’ve noticed that when I leave, my now
  5. My boyfriend and I have lived together for over a year. We spent every single day together and we both wanted to get married, have kids, the whole package. The only issues we ever had were due to him being a bit immature and a lack of emotional maturity. Despite that I still loved him and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. Everything was almost perfect with us. He had a dog, I had a guinea pig. He bought me two more guinea pigs, and I got a dog of my own so we could go on walks together in the future. My three guinea pigs multiplied to 12 a few months later and it felt as if we were
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