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  1. It’s been two months since my spouse passed away and on 6/4 would have been his 33rd birthday. Besides going to the cemetery to release balloons in his memory what other ways could I remember him ? It’s. Already been a lot on me dealing with his death . -Shey
  2. Hi I’m new to this forum/community. I just recently loss my late husband on 3/6/2021 suddenly. I’ve gone through all

    The stages of grief but yet I’m still in that denial / shock yet depression stage . I’ve been keeping myself busy by attending school. The pain is too much I haven’t really cried (grieve ) the way I wanted to because I have to be strong for my daughter and stepson. -Shey 

    1. kayc


      The "stages of grief" debunked as it was written for terminally ill, not for loss/grief but yes we are often in shock in the early time.  I liken it to brain trauma, it takes work/effort to get through this, to build our lives again, right now it's enough just to breathe, eat something healthy, sip some water.  

      You have children to care for and you're attending school?  That's a lot.  Keep coming here, post/read, it helps.

      I had a hard time finding this, had to look  in your activity, did not find in messaging or posts so not sure where this is.  If you post to Loss of Spouse section, we'll find it.  Hang in there, we're all going through this journey together...

  3. Hello all. I’m new to this community. I unexpectedly loss my husband who I was married to for 2 years 2.8.2019 on March 6,2021. I’ve been through the stages of grief 😔 but today while I was in class my instructor brought up the subject of death. It just was like an outer body experience. I recently just started going around his family parents and remaining siblings. We vacation out of town recently to Florida although it was my first time being out of town with them. So I went to beach at night to clear my thoughts. I have been crying ever since coming back from Florida with his family because i do NOT show my emotions around people . I want to know does this get better with time . My anxiety and depression along with PTSD have really had me so depressed lately 😥How did you cope with a sudden loss? -She’y
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