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    May 14, 2021
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  1. On May 14,2021 my son shot himself without warning to any of us he took his own life he left behind two small children a house he just bought. 3 brothers his mother (me) and his father grandparents who loved and adored him and an entire town that has now been divided by a women who claimed that she saw the whole thing on face time after bullying him all night long because of this situation i i had a very private ceremony not inviting his close personal friends not knowing who we could trust. Three days after his suicide she put a claim on his life insurance which forced us into probate getting a lawyer and having to fight against this women who was never married to my son or living with him at the time i just feel paralyzed by all of it and very depressed I'm not working right now i have been looking for a job but i can't seem to get out of bed these days and I'm scared because i feel I'm becoming a burden to my other children I'm just very depressed i feel hopeless and don't now how to move forward
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