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  1. I know I think I should of dealt with the loss of my parents along time ago but chose to push all the hurt down. I know acceptance is a realisation that your not going to see them until your passing, depending on beliefs. I’ve had counselling training 20yrs ago so I understand the stages of grief, still doesn’t make things easier. I feel your loss is deep,one thing that has kept me on the sane path is remembering the good happy times. It’s helps me smile inside when times get tough. Ty for the continued support. B
  2. Hi, I’m writing this for my own gains, I lost a very close friend about a month ago & If I’m honest I’m struggling but I’m familiar with feeling. The emptiness with nothing to fill it. I learnt in 87 life isn’t a bowl of cherries when my father died I was 20, it took nearly 15yrs later when my mam passed in 2002. Right then at her funeral I realised I wouldn’t see them again till I passed. That’s been the hardest thing for me, acceptance ty.
  3. That’s great. Still can’t get passed the feeling sick & it’s been 3wks since she passed.
  4. Oh s***, hope you’re ok. my heads battered sorry
  5. That’s an awesome story about your Grandad, I don’t think I need to tell you ur granddad is protecting you. What a life you & ur gf gave him, u should have no guilt about what you didn’t do. Total respect mate.
  6. Yes I’m guessing it’s a trigger point. I spent the nite with my grandkids it was awesome but tiring, they are the reason I’m here. I just can’t believe I’m not gonna speak to her anymore. it’s s***. I appreciate your support. Ty
  7. I’m struggling to eat or sleep, I just feel sad,upset & alone all the time. I know drinking doesn’t help me but it’s all I’m doing. I’ve got my grandkids around the corner but I don’t want them to see me upset. This may sound silly but all though my Dad died 34yrs ago and mam 19yrs ago, it feels like yesterday all over again & it hurts so much. I’m so confused.
  8. Sorry for the rant.
  9. Hi, I’ve recently joined bcos I lost a close female friend 31/7/21, I know about shock cos I felt it wen I found out. I just can’t stop thinking about her when I’m alone. What I maybe could of done if I were there. I hate myself cos I wasn’t. Im doing everything I can so I’m not alone. The loss is bad for me, we were best friends and I tried to help her so much. I’m angry all the time which is unusual for me. I think it was a shock cos death in my experience is around illness. I miss my mate so much x B x
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