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  1. Kayc., you said everything I needed to hear. The thought of not talking to my mom or being able to hold her for THE REST OF MY LIFE tears my heart apart. I cry at the very thought of it. It hasnt been quite a month yet. I was going to her grave every other day. My dad said maybe i was going too much and needed time to heal. But, I was with my mom EVERY SINGLE DAY. We spoke throughout the day. I visited her daily after work. My heart is truly broken. People say it will get better but I dont see how. I dont know who I am without her. I love her so much, but Im mad at her for leaving me. I know this sounds silly but as close as we were, I would think she would find a way to let meknow shes ok. Maybe we werent as close as I thought.........
  2. Thank you for replying. I get so annoyed when people try to give me advice, but theyve never lost a parent (if that makes sense)
  3. My mom, my best friend, my cheerleader died of Covid late August of this year. I am absolutely devastated. A part of me was buried with her. I cant help but ask, why my mom? Theres so many other "bad" people out there. Its worse because im in the healthcare field. I couldnt save my Mother. This grief is crippling. I have a therapist that i have been seeing over a year, but she is on medical leave (just my luck). I just feel stuck and empty. I feel like a shell.
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