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  1. Hi Fred, I haven't posted too much here lately....I read it all, but I am moving on. It's been over 3 1/2 years and after the pain and shock of everything diminished somewhat I did make a conscious effort to "go forward." I've involved myself in many things, keeping busy, finding new people, my new church friends, lots of things. My life hasn't been easy so I've learned how to survive, and I am so grateful that the good Lord has continued to give me lessons to grow by and shown me a way to serve others. We will always remember and love those that are now gone, but you're right....we will eventually move forward. I, too, will always watch this site, and will respond whenever I feel that I can help someone. Take care. You're a friend to many. Love, Karen
  2. Mary Linda, You're doing just as you should be doing - like everyone else has done or will do. It's just such a long haul, and you'll never be the same again. It's part of the program - you don't get over it, you just get used to it, and that takes as long as it takes. It is such a tough time to go through, no other is like it. It changes us forever, but hopefully it will change us for the better. Just keep hanging on minute, day, week, whatever you need to do. You will be fine. It's been 3 1/2 years for me and I'm much better. I just think about Jack and smile, look at his picture with no tears, just smiling. I love him and always will, but I have to go on. You just hang on, time really is a wonderful thing when we let it just happen. Don't put anything on yourself that you don't need to...just be yourself. Mary Linda is such a fine person, and she needs to know it. Always your friend, Karen
  3. Dear Wendy....I don't know how, but my heart is with you. I care for you and want you to heal for the thngs you've been going through. Bless your heart and I love you, my friend. Karen
  4. karenb

    Putting Pictures Away?

    Dusky....I will do what you say.....there's tears dropping on the keyboard....it's so hard to move on....l ove Jack...whoever comes as a friend, or as a better friend must understand th monumental love I carry in my heart....i must love others as friends and whatever....we're meant to not be alone....we need to care...give love....we're told that...thank you, my friend.....Karen
  5. karenb

    Putting Pictures Away?

    Bless you heart, Starkiss - love you
  6. karenb

    Putting Pictures Away?

    Mary Linda.... No, it's not a shrine, we're together here, there, and everywhere. I'm going to be careful. Jack is the biggest one in my heart and always will be whether I look at him or not. I'm going to ask direction from Jack and God, too. I have to open my mind and heart. You know, in talking about this except for the one in fron of his flag.....I don't know....I sure have to dwell on this one. Thanks, so much, my friends.
  7. karenb

    Putting Pictures Away?

    Love you, girl.....please take care. Seems like I've known you a long time. Love you. Karen
  8. karenb

    Putting Pictures Away?

    Starkiss, I love that name so much, and Kath....I'm going to do it carefully....it's so hard....I have lumps in my throat.....I will always love him, but I need to move on, and this "gentleman" would probably understand....I do have to go carefully....your advise helps. Thanls. Love, Karen
  9. karenb

    Putting Pictures Away?

    Hi friends, It's me, Karen. I always watch everything going on, but I haven't posted for a while. Jack died 3 1/2 years ago. I've really tried and feel I've come a long way, with my church, you guys, my volunteering, my exercise group and then last October my friends said I should try looking online for someone like me, or sort of - of course with all the precautions. I have talked with someone for, by the time I actually see him, for 5 months. I don't think it's not right, but he has the same type of personality of my Jack, nice, retired military, 25 years active in the Boy Scouts, goes to church. Believes that my taking "baby steps" is a good thing and respects that. My thing is I feel guilty about putting Jack's pictures away....I really do. I need your advice about that, my friends. Thanks, Karen
  10. karenb


    Russell, oh my God....you have so much....my heart really goes out to you. I don't know how youre' even dong as much as you're dong. I don't know what to say to you except please be with us....we can help. We've seen many things, and we can help...at least, we can know some of your pain. My dear friend, please hang on to whatever good feelings you may have....please try to eat okay, exercise, talk to whoever you can that can give you good ways to go....please come back here and little by little we can help you to push forward. Try, my friend, to take care of yourself. Your friend, Karen
  11. My heart is with you. I'm shaking my head as I talk because I don't know what to say to make you feel better. Please take care of yourself. We care for you.. Love, Karen
  12. I raise my glass to you, Kay, "Here...Here." When we get to a point when we are somewhat comfortable with things, that's the time to continue to be here - just because we've been there and truly understand. As far as I know, I'll be here for a long time watching for a moment when I might be able to offer a positive proof that we do get through it, and safely. My hat goes off to you, my friend, Kay. Love, Karen
  13. Hi Walt, I've been here a while, too. My husband died just over 3 1/2 years ago. He was ill for a long time, but his death came suddenly while he was driving home from golfing and had a massive heart attack - died on the freeway. The progress we all make is pretty slow, but I'm much the better for it. I grin at the silly things we did, I love to see my children laugh when I talk about "the silly things we did." I've grown a lot and I thank God he was in my life for that short time. Whatever happens in the future we will always truly know that great and beautiful, caring, and giving love - it will never go away. Bless your heart and thanks for being there for everyone. Love, Karen
  14. karenb

    Panic Attack?

    I've been reading your posts and watching the videos....brought tears to my eyes. I know what you're going through, and it just doesn't go away quickly. New and strange feelings come and go, and you do wonder about your sanity....that's normal. In fact, anything that you're feeling is normal, as you've seen from other people on this site. I am glad you continue to come back, because it helps to get this out and I think writing about it helps, too. Just remember you are not alone in this, we're all here for you. Hang in there for today, try to be good to yoiurself. There's another day around the corner and in time it won't be so bad. I'm so sorry it's hard. Your friend, Karen
  15. Happy New Year from Karen.....you all have meant so much to me, such a wonderful family. It's amazing how we all have connected in such a way....no judment, no anything but just caring for the other person who's gone through the same things. I'm so grateful for you all. I pray your new year will bring a measure of peace for you as it has for me. I love you all. Your friend, Karen