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  1. MartyT

    I really miss Butch

    Yes, Marita ~ Let this be our hope and our prayer. Amen. ❤️
  2. You might appreciate this article, Tom: The Vatican and Afterlife Contacts See also Afterlife Contacts and The God Squad
  3. You'll find some of my answers here, Tom: After-Death Communication: A List of Resources and After-Death Communication, Continued ❤️
  4. With one in Arizona and the other in Hawaii, our Steve and Patty managed to find each other. If it's meant to be, Tom, you will find a way. Blessings to you as we wish you every happiness ❤️
  5. Lovely, Joyce ❤️ Thinking of you today as you remember and celebrate your beloved Dale ❤️
  6. I think this statement is key, my dear, and this may be the primary "issue" you want to bring into your therapy. As my colleague Dr. Robert Neimeyer notes in his AfterTalk post here, the images of having your beloved die in your arms can result in "more intense struggles in bereavement. Whatever the source of the imagery, it can have remarkable 'staying power,' lingering and intruding into the survivor's consciousness (and nightmares) for years beyond the death." No doubt the way Jack died was for you a traumatic experience, and Dr. Neimeyer points out that today there are specialized procedures for working with troubling imagery in grief therapy, using a trauma-informed approach. Before your next appointment, you might have a phone conversation with your therapist, asking if she is familiar with such procedures, or if she can refer you to someone who is. Not every therapist is skilled in treating complicated grief and / or traumatic loss, and you've every right to ask if your therapist has experience and training in this specialty. Remember that if you had a broken bone, you wouldn't expect a cardiac specialist to know the best way to fix you. If you do decide to stick with your current therapist, I also encourage you to come better prepared for your next session. See, for example, Going to Therapy For The First Time? Here's What to Expect.
  7. We're all thinking of you, Gwen, and sending healing thoughts . . . ❤️
  8. The first few sessions are meant to be a "getting to know you" period, so your therapist can base her work with you on a thorough assessment of your needs. She wants to know what brought you into therapy (why now?) and what you expect to get out of it. Sometimes that takes more than one session. I'd encourage you to give it a bit more time ~ a couple more sessions ~ before you decide that she is a poor choice. Still, you should feel comfortable and safe with your therapist, so pay attention to your gut and use your own common sense. You are the consumer here, and you deserve to get what you're paying for.
  9. Katie, my dear, here are two webinars that made me think of you and Caleb. The first one costs $10 and hasn't happened yet, but the second one is available now at no cost. I share this information with you only if you might be interested ~ and even as I recognize that you may not be able to take in any relevant or useful information at this time. Please know that you are under NO obligation whatsoever to listen to either of these. (Another alternative is to register now and listen to a recording later, if and when you feel ready to do so.) 1. Webinar: Going Back to School after a Death: August 20 via What's Your Grief? $10.00 This session will take place online on August 20th from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm EST. Registrants who cannot attend the live event will have access to a recording of the webinar. Description: It’s common for parents and children to be apprehensive about heading back to school after experiencing the death of a loved one. Though having a schedule and structure that involves interactions with friends, teachers and school counselors can be helpful, managing the transition can be worrisome and stressful. In this webinar, we’ll discuss challenges and considerations related to going back to school after a loss and we’ll offer parents and caregivers suggestions for supporting their children as they ease into a new school year. Session Details: Date and Time: Monday, August 20th, 2018 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm EST Register here: https://whatsyourgrief.com/product/webinar-going-back-to-school-after-a-death/ [All registrants will receive access to a recording of the webinar following the event] 2. Webinar, Understanding Children's Grief, with Vicki Jay and Bob Arrington via TAPS Institute for Hope and Healing Archived Webinar and Slides View Understanding Children's Grief webinar View Understanding Children's Grief webinar slides The viewing link and slides are also available on the TAPS Institute webpage, https://www.taps.org/webinar/2018/childgrief.
  10. Good for you, my dear, for seeing the light. One day you will be ready to let go of all this, including how awful you are feeling as a result of his abuse. For now, just remember that no one has control over you but you, including this guy. You are in control of you, and no one can make you feel anything without your consent. ❤️
  11. MartyT

    My sister, Peggy

    I'm so sorry about all of this, dear Kay. So much to digest. Does this rehab facility have a social worker or someone who can point your sister to any available resources that could help? For what it's worth, this page contains a list of some that you might want to check out: Caregiving in Serious Illness: Suggested Resources
  12. MartyT

    My sister, Peggy

    I'm so sorry, Kay. Your sister Peggy is blessed to have you in her life. You're both in our thoughts and prayers. ❤️
  13. Yes, Katie. If that is your only reason for living right now, then let it be enough . . . ❤️
  14. Pulling for both of you, dear Polly! ❤️