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  1. I'm so sorry this happened to you, Kay ~ but it's the first time in all these years that I've ever heard of such a thing. I notice the email you received mentions the GH Blog, and not the GH Discussion Groups site. I have no idea how this company got your email address Needless to say, I'm also sorry that you're dealing with so much nonsense in preparing for your surgery. What in the world is happening to our so-called healthcare system?
  2. I'm so very sorry for your loss, my friend ~ but as I read your story, I cannot help but believe you did everything humanly possible to improve your Gertie's chances, but the cancer won and in the end, you did what was best for her. Sometimes, in the face of impossible odds, we think we're doing everything we can to prolong our animal's life, when in reality we're prolonging their suffering and dying. The guilt and questioning and wondering are all part of the process that most of us go through in the aftermath of having made this awesome, life-or-death decision for our beloved companions
  3. Not just you, Gwen. ". . . when you are young and experiencing lots of new stimuli—everything is new—time actually seems to be passing more slowly. As you get older, the production of mental images slows, giving the sense that time passes more rapidly." -- Physics explains why time passes faster as you age ♥️
  4. "Sunshine comes to all who feel rain." Beautiful, Kieron. Thank you for sharing this lovely piece. ♥️
  5. I so appreciate and admire your willingness to search for understanding, my friend. That alone will put you on the path to healing. These two books are an excellent start!
  6. Might you consider listening to any of the audio programs offered by Belleruth Naparstek / Health Journeys, designed specifically for anxiety relief? Each program in her catalog offers a link so you can listen to a sample from the recordings. Sampling this clip from Relieve Stress will give you an immediate idea of what guided imagery is.
  7. Wonderful. Good for you. Another one you might find inspiring is When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Harold Kushner ♥️
  8. I suspect that in this difficult year of 2020, as you say, we're all feeling as if we're "living some sort of twisted nightmare" ~ and we all need something to hold onto as we struggle to find our way. Have you ever read Viktor Frankl's brilliant book, Man's Search for Meaning? If not, this may be the time to do so. And in addition to those articles that Kay suggested, I encourage you to read these as well: Replacing A Pet Who Has Died: When Is It Time? and Finding Meaning in Your Loss ♥️
  9. Meditation: Helpful to Those Who Grieve ♥️
  10. Yep, as my daddy used to say, "Horses sweat and men perspire, but women only glow." (Thanks for the memory, dear Marg!) ♥️
  11. You've every right to be angry, Kay, and I hope it helps to know that you can rant and rave all you need to here with us! We are pulling for you ~ and for Gwen too ♥️
  12. Not weird at all, Gwen. You might appreciate this article: Pet Loss: Keepsake Yarn Spun From Pet Hair ♥️
  13. I'm so sorry, Kay. Might you consider an evaluation by a physician who specializes in pain management ~ to see if something short of surgery could help alleviate your pain?
  14. From Hospice Foundation of America: Free program next week! Share it with your family, friends, colleagues, and those you support. Is it Depression or is it Grief? October 22, 2020 | Noon
  15. I'm sorry, Kay, but I really don't understand how "a cortisone shot in the butt" has anything to do with the pain in your hands. Why wouldn't you get an injection at the site of your pain? Is this doctor a specialist in orthopedic hand surgery? It seems to me that re-connecting severed nerves in your hands (if indeed that is the problem) requires a skilled and experienced surgeon. Before you proceed with any surgery, might you consider getting a second opinion?
  16. I'm so sorry to read of your tragic losses, Hannah, and my heart reaches out to you in your pain. Your story reminds me of a book you might appreciate, entitled Three Cats, Two Dogs: One Journey Through Multiple Pet Loss. Author David Congalton and his wife lost all five of their beloved animal companions in a sudden house fire, and he writes beautifully about his heartache, his grief and how he managed to find his way through this horrific experience. If you click on the title, you can read Amazon's description and reviews. Sometimes it helps to know that, regardless of the enormity of t
  17. I agree with this completely, James. And your believing that your beloved Annette's death was for her a blessing makes perfect sense to me. I wish for peace and healing for your broken heart. ♥️
  18. James, I encourage you to read this article, "Am I Going Mad?" ~ Mystical Experiences in Grief, which includes the following: In his book, Love Lives On: Learning from the Extraordinary Encounters of the Bereaved, grief expert Louis LaGrand encourages mourners to seek—actively and intentionally—what he calls an extraordinary encounter with the deceased loved one: I tell every client who comes to me that there is nothing wrong with asking or praying for a sign that your loved one is okay. You will receive a sign when you need it most. Be patient. Persist. Be specific. Keep petitioning. Sta
  19. Oh Kay. I am so sorry to read this awful news. I hope and pray that no bones were broken in your fall. Sending healing thoughts and prayers and hoping to hear from you soon! ♥️
  20. Although the article I suggested is entitled Nightmares and Bad Dreams in Grief, it does contain some information about other kinds of dreaming, so I hope you'll take some time to read it ~ and note the additional resources listed at the base.
  21. James, you may find some of the information offered in this article to be helpful: Nightmares and Bad Dreams in Grief
  22. Your photo is adorable, and fits so well with your description of your life together. I am so sorry for your loss. You might find this article useful: In Grief: Difficulty Making Decisions ♥️
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