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  1. My beautiful son Garth is my youngest son. He had only had his car license a couple of months. I helped him get his car and he was quite proud of it. He was enjoying having his new found freedom. Garth was a typical 18 yo. He loved playing footy & being with his mates and his 2 older brothers. He was planning to go up to the Northern Territory this September to connect with his Fathers family and do some fishing and hunting. (His Dad died suddenly when he was 6 yo.) He loved his dog Madge who was in his car when he had the accident. Thankfully she was okay and Garth's brother Tim now has her. Garth was only beginning to start life on his own. He was a good boy. We were very close. I used to watch him play footy every Saturday. The last time I saw Garth alive was after the his footy game on the Saturday arvo before the accident on Sunday 17th June 2007. He showed me he had a few minor injuries. And mentioned he could be in the running for the "best & Fairest" medal. I asked him what he would be up to that night & he said he would be hanging out with his mates. I love my son very much & I wish he was still here with us. Since Garths passing I have lost my mum and now my brotherinlaw just last week. Im planning to take my daughter who is 12 on a short holiday in a few weeks. She deserves some fun, and maybe the change will help. In the meantime not a day goes by that I dont think about Garth & grieve for him. Apparently he died almost instantly from Head Injuries. We were at the scene while they were removing his body. The crash site was an awful mess. Bits of his car stewn all over. Its still such a shock We buried Garth on 22nd JUne 2007. Bye for Now
  2. Hi, My name is Julie. On 17th June 2007 I lost my lovely 18 yo son in a car accident. He was the driver and only had his car licsense for a couple of months. My mum also passed away 1st August 2007. I feel okay about my mum as she was 90. But the grief of losing my son Garth is still unbearable. I am terribly sad and cry everyday. Its like living a nightmare I cant wake up from. I still have difficulty accepting he is gone. I am a single parent & I have a 12 year old daughter. I know its hard to see her mum so unhappy but I cant help it. I still remember that early morning phone call. Apparently he was already gone by the time the ambulance arrived. He was my baby boy and had all his life to live. He was only just starting to make his way on his own. Its hard for me to find any joy in life. I hope I start to feel better soon as Garth would not want me to be like this for ever but for now my grief is so raw. I love him so much. Looking for some emotional support - I feel so alone right now Ive attached a picture of Garth with his dog Madge who he loved alot
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