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  1. My names Theresa I just found this Website and am so greatful. My fiance passed New Years Eve. We were together eight years, he was ill but at times would do well. I almost lost him several times but he would make it always telling me Honey I'll be ok I'm tough. Back and fourth to hospitals doctors and liver center. We were so close he was my best friend. When I first met him it felt like we had known eachother forever. I actually think he was the first man I every really was in love with. I was married for seventeen years, my x was very abusive, then I met Eddie. We were going to be married a
  2. Dear ((Jolee)) I've been going through a lot of the same..People mean well but they don't really know what its like unless there going through it. Some of our friends even quit calling because they don't know what to say. My Eddie passed New Years Eve and it felt like the whole world stopped, I was in a fog, and still am at times. I have a very close friend that I talk to a lot who lost her husband a couple of years ago. I would actually call her and still do every morning and say at times what do I do now. She will say do the dishes and call me right back. It's one min at a time. I've always
  3. Dear ((Riverbear)) I couldn't sleep and found this link. The first thing I saw was your post and I could so relate to you. My Partner and best friend passed New Years Eve from Liver failure also. They had a liver for him for transplant but he had a seizure. They did an MRI and found brain cancer. It was so devastating as we were to be married in January we were waiting until after transplant. We had been together for seven years. I feel your pain Hon. It's like I'm just walking through the motions of life and trying to keep going forward. I am also very ill and am on Chemo and many other meds,
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