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  1. Thanks for the big hugs, Niamh. This was an old post, it is actually 6 years as of Feb 2 (last Sunday).
  2. Thank you so much Marty. You are always there for me.
  3. It is me again. It has been 6 years today since she is gone. I miss her as much today as the day it happened, maybe more. I love you, Mom.
  4. i was unable to open any of the sites, Marty
  5. You are so lucky to have a dream about your dad. i have been waiting for over 5 years and still no dream of my mom, at least not that i can remember. My daughter has dreams about her where she knows she is dead and asks her questions, which she answers. Not me though. I miss my mom so very much.
  6. When my dad and uncles built the house we all lived in for over 40 years, they put their name and the date in the cement. i so wanted to take that out when the house was sold, but did not do it. How I wish i had it now. Also, when my mom passed away, we bought a head stone for both my mom and dad, i wish now i had asked for the old one that was my dad's. i would have loved to have brought it to my house and put it in the yard. Does that sound sick? i hope not.
  7. My daughter and I went to my mom's house awhile back. There were new people living there and we asked them if we could look around at the house. They let us in and it was totally different. It was a closure for us, though we missed the old way it was. It hurt very much to see it the way it is now, but I think it helped us to let go, in a way. It is hard to explain, but it was not my mom's house anymore. I lived in that home for over 40 years off and on. We moved there when I was about 2 years old. Actually my uncles and dad built the house, which makes it harder. They even carved thei
  8. That happened to me one time in Smart Foods. I was walking by the meat department and almost fell to the floor. My daughter was with me and she, too, saw her. I honestly almost lost it. How I wish to see and touch and talk to my Mom again. I miss you so much, Mom.
  9. My mom has been gone only 5 years this month and I miss her more than words can say. I would give anything to have one more day with her. It is nice to come here where everyone understands.
  10. I picture Heaven as being a place where the family is once again reunited. I believe my Mom is with her mom and dad and brother right now. And she is watching over us until we meet her again.
  11. Thank you for your words of support. I truly appreciate this site.
  12. I have not posted in awhile. I just had to write today because I cannot believe it has been 5 years today that my mom died. It was about 6 am when the hospital called saying she was non responsive. We four kids rushed to her side and sat with her until she died at 11:34 am. She was with us when we took our first breath...we were with her when she took her last. God, I miss her so much. We are going to the cemetery today to take her flowers. It is a sad day.
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