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  1. Hi George, I rarely come on here anymore, I’m 11-1/2 years out, but I was reading your post in an email and it hit home. I’m very sorry for your loss. I kept my husband’s name on our checks and just put the account in my social security number. The bank told me it was fine to do that. Some utility bills are still in his name too. You mentioned her toothbrush above too. Dennis used to brush his teeth in the shower and I still have his toothbrush there next to my shampoo. I have a bottle of his mouthwash in the closet too, I’m just seriously thinking about giving away his clothes and keeping samples of each type and giving a half of a closet to it. I’m still just talking and thinking about it though, but before I couldn’t even think about it without really becoming upset. It still seems so difficult to do and yet, I have moved on and have created a nice life for myself. I belong to a number of groups, volunteer for a couple of places and have made a lot of friends through these things and am happy. We lost two children prior to his loss and I still have some things of theirs around too, and even our dog’s things we had for over 19 years. He understood it so I know he’d understand me having difficulty parting with his things. They all just make me feel good. I really don’t think about it much, but the thought of none of those things being here really upsets me. I’m very secure in who I am and really believe there is no right or wrong way to grieve, whatever makes us each happy is what’s important. I think some of the best advice I got was to be kind to myself. Be kind to yourself and do what makes you feel good, not what others think you should do. All of my best to you. Gail
  2. Anything! Aren't you glad you know that now! It's really funny, I've been saying it for years and someone will say it that I didn't even remember saying it to. Once you know it, you don't forget it.
  3. It's the golden rule for cookies too. Broken cookies don't have calories. Love, Gail
  4. I guess you don't know, broken pieces dom't have calories! Love, Gail
  5. http://www.classicstart8.com I don't post much but I follow your lives daily and you all inspire me. My sister repairs computers and I asked her about Windows 8 and she said all you have to do is download a classic start program. I've included a free link but she said there are others too. Love, Gail
  6. Dear Deb, My heart and prayers are with you, I think of you so often. I thought we were way too young, I didn't realize you were even younger. Love, Gail
  7. Dave, I am SO sorry this has happened to you. We were broken into when our terminally ill daughter was alive and I felt so violated. I couldn't have understood that without having gone through it. It happened in 1982 but I still look at the door every time I come home. I hope they'll be able to recover your things. I can't imagine losing those things too, it's like losing him all over again. My heart and prayers are with you... Hugs, Gail
  8. Hi Lina, I haven't posted in quite some time but I've been reading almost all of the posts every day. First, please let me say how sorry I am for your loss. I want to tell you that I have allergies and have been on allergy shots for 34 years now. I was allergic to our daughter's guinea pigs but they were even able to put them in my shots so hopefully they'll be able to do something for your daughter also. I know how difficult it would be to have to give up your pets too. Our dog was truly another family member to us. He was a poodle though and I wasn't allergic to him. Keeping you in my prayers... Gail
  9. Mary, Those are the words that keep playing over and over again in my head too... Gail
  10. I know you'll all identify with this. I just found this website recently and this came in my daily email today... http://www.godvine.c...ed-One-534.html Love, Gail
  11. I know you'll all identify with this. I just found this website recently and this came in my daily email today... http://www.godvine.com/Homesick-by-Mercy-Me-a-Song-For-Anyone-Who-Has-Lost-a-Loved-One-534.html Love, Gail
  12. We were supposed to get 6" of wet snow and only got one. My neighbor plows my driveway for me but only a straight shot so I usually have to shovel by one side of the garage which is a fairly large area and the stairs, etc. It's going to be 43 degrees by Sunday though so I'm not even going to do that this time. I've been starting to sleep off and on now too, still broken and not every night, but it's a start. Love, Gail
  13. I found the website www.godvine.com today and after watching numerous heartwarming videos, I subscribed to their daily emails.
  14. Please let me add my birthday wishes to you also. I hope you had a wonderful day! Love, Gail
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