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  1. KayC I'm so sorry to hear about this. You've survived the worst pain anyone can go through with the loss of George. You WILL survive this somehow. Everyone here has been uplifted by your strong spirit, determination, and faith. I know you will get through all this. Wish we lived closer.......I have two empty big bedrooms. My prayers and love are going your way. Always Gene! Always!
  2. Oh WaltC........Love IS Forever and Always. I never see a butterfly without thinking about Jeanie and You. Be well my friend. Always Gene....Always!
  3. Thank you WaltC for the nice greeting this morning. I started a "pitty party" last night and went bed before rather than THINK! I got up this morning remembering, remembering how this day would have started and continured..........it's remembering how much love Gene filled my cup of coffee with......the special breakfast he prepared....the yellow roses that would have been delivered yesterday......and oh, the smile and twinkle in his eyes as he so lovingly made this my special day. And it would end with one last "happy birthday", I love you, and a kiss good night. You are right about o
  4. Deborah.........you are in my thoughts today. The 5 yr mark passed by for me June 11. The world keeps spinning around and somehow it still feels like I'm living in limbo. I can't grasp how time goes by so quickly even as days seem so long from sunup to sundown. Larry loves you still as much as you love him still. I hope tomorrow brings you sunshine as bright as Larry's love Always Gene Always!
  5. Redwind, I am so sorry for your loss and I know that holds little meaning right now. I became a member of this group 5 years ago. So many have found their way to this site that is a life-line. Here everyone understands the pain. Someone will always be here to walk beside you through this journey. I so dearly miss my husband but the pain eases with time to a dull ache. I reply to your post because I also prepare for hurricanes......Mississippi. And I know it's hard to think right now and to have to deal with this on your own is hard. So maybe I can help by posting my way of preparing.
  6. My physician's forms have a "widow" check box. I let him know I appreciate his approach to his patients...realizing there are others besides married or single. I've started making my own box on forms (other than IRS) and I write down widow. Oh, how that word brought me to my knees at first. Now it's my way of saying I LOVE.....I am LOVED....half of me is gone but the half here is still connected to my wonderful husband. I frankly don't care about the world's protocal or labeling. Always Gene!Always!
  7. I've stopped asking myself why I hang onto some things. It'll be 5 years in June since Gene left this world. I've still got all his medical records. I still have the calendar for 2005 with all his doctor's appts and hospital stays and appts for tests. Now I've tried to get rid of the calendar.......just can't do it yet. I still have his aftershave bottles sitting where they've always been......I like to smell them once and a while, close my eyes, and let my mind wander in the memories. I still have his truck even tho I only logged 152 miles on it last year. I bought it for him as a reti
  8. Hi KayC..........I'm still here but as you said "handling it alone", approaching the 5 yr mark. For me it's not lonliness.......it's the emptyness without Gene. Each morning I miss his smile, good-morning darling, kiss, and sharing the first cup of coffee. It's how each day starts. I end my days with a talk with God to show me what I'm supposed to do with the rest of my life. I'm still waiting on an answer. My yougest son (36) and his wife were blessed with a baby girl on Christmas morning. I was flying in...litterly on the plane as she was to be delivered Dec 28th so it was a surprise
  9. Fredzgirl, I know exactly how you feel. It's been a little over 4yrs since my beloved Gene left this world. It's still difficult for some members of family to hear me mention Gene's name....it's like they are so uncomfortable that they don't know what to say. But you know what.........I don't care. I talk about him all I want to and just ignore their ackward silence. I need to hear his name....I need to talk about him and they just don't understand.....they can't understand. I have learned to give myself permission to cry when I want to, to talk when I want to, to smile and laugh when
  10. Oh WaltC, how wonderful it is to know that Jeannie could reach out and let you know that she is happy. I know that feeling you have. It put a smile on my face and in my heart. I wish we could all have those special dream visits every night. Love is FOREVER! And Jeannie's love reached out to bring you a little peace. Always Gene! Always!
  11. June 11 was the four year mark. It passed quietly with the world going by outside the silence within the walls of this house. It ceased being a home when Gene left this mortal world. I survive but as someone totally different now. I've made new friendships with wonderful people who never knew Gene but do ask often about who he was. Most friends "we" had have drifted away. And that's ok.....they would have a hard time recognizing "me"........I'm not the same person. And it's comforting being around people who are not afraid to stir the tears. Twice a week we gather (6-8 of us) for a gam
  12. It's not the loneliness............it's the alone-ness without the one who brought light into our lives with unconditional true love. Walt, we'll survive one day at a time. I try real hard to live so that one day I can be with Gene but it's hard. The songs you pass on this site speak what my heart feels. Be well my friend. Always Gene! Always!
  13. Deborah, I am so sorry that you are struggling with so many issues right now. I'm approaching the 4 year mark and I do understand how grief continues to take it's toll on all of us. For me I've reconciled myself to the fact that "grief" is part of me now........it has to be since I carry Gene's love deep inside of my heart and soul. Melt downs come and I just don't fight them anymore......they will pass. I am sorry you are facing your son leaving. What a brave Mom you are to recognize that your son must live his own life. It is stressful and you must take care of yourself because no matt
  14. FOREVER........I understand Walt. You and Jeannie are in my thoughts and prayers. Always Gene! Always!
  15. Deborah.........just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you today.
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