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Found 3 results

  1. Yesterday was a busy day for me. It was my day off and I had a whole house to clean. I have 3 children under the age of 5 and my brain is in shatters all the time. I was cleaning my bathroom and i needed to do the laundry in there. I opened up my dryer, threw the few items in there on top of it, and went to get the clothes from the bathroom. I put the dirty clothes on the floor and then threw the clothes from the washer into the dryer. I left the door open and went to grab a few more items i could fit and started the washer. Then i started the dryer. A few towels i threw on top were dangling down so i opened the dryer up again and fixed it then went about cleaning. 20 minutes later i started sweeping my living room (about 15 feet from my dryer) and i thought i heard a meow. I have 5 cats so i always think i hear meowing. I stopped for a second and listened. I didnt hear anything and started cleaning again. Then my mom went to pull towles out of the dryer to help and she started screaming for me. I rushed over and she couldnt speak but on the door of the dryer i saw blood. I checked all around and my 3 kids were fine and i could not figure out where the blood was coming from. Finally she said "cat" and i knew. I looked inside and found my Ghost who i rescued from the pound 3 years ago dead and wrapped in the laundry. I pulled him out and he was stiff and i lost it. After a while of me sobbing and saying im so sorry to my baby my husband came home and took him. I watched my mom take out the laundry and there was blood all over it. She tried to clean it but i cant use it. I cant get the site of my baby out of my mind. I didnt hear any thuds in the dryer and when i opened it he didnt crawl out. I saw him a few minutes before i threw the clothes in playing with my other cat near the dryer. I feel so guilty. I know it was an accident but i did this. I was so careless and scatter brained and i should have paid more attention. I killed my baby and i never even knew he was missing. I dont know what to do or where to go from here. How can i move on when i killed him? He was my baby. I thought i saved him from the pound but i just brought him here to be murdered. I saw a few other posts with similar stories. Please someone tell me where to go and what i can do. Im so lost. Im so so sorry Ghost. I never wanted to hurt you. You are the best cat i could ever ask for. I will miss you so, so much. Please forgive me.
  2. I lost my father about a month ago. My dad is my best friend and I deeply miss him. I just recently started going back to work but asked to work part time. Before my fathers death, when I knew I'd have half days, I never worried about work or felt anxious. Now, with even the most simple tasks I feel overwhelmed. When I need to go to the store, I feel anxious, indecisive, and can't get myself to get up and go but eventually I do. I just feel like every SINGLE THING I DO IS A DRAG. I used to like be very productive and start my days early. But now, when I know I have work at say 1pm, I will not do anything productive before 1pm because I'm stressed. However back then, i'd get up early, clean the house, go to the gym, read a book, just anything to stay productive. Will things ever normalize again? Will this overwhelming feeling and anxiety ever go away? I want to go back to work and know that I can take on the day but every day just feels challenging for me.. FEELING HOPELESS.
  3. Hi just like to share my story . I had jack a whippet Cross since the day he was born we done everything together and he always stuck by my side. We where best friends. Unfortunately jack broke his leg 2 nights ago and I done everything I could to get the right treatment but unfortunately Jack died under mild sedation. Suddenly and very much unexpected I am without my best friend , I open up my door now to silence to pain. I am hurting so much I didn't even get the chance to say goodbye and one last hug . People say he's only a dog to them yes but to me he was my world my boy and he didn't deserve to go :(. 8 special years. 03/10/16 I loved him so much and will miss him so much. Heartbroken is an under statement. I'd like some help from people who have lost their beloved pets how do you cope with this overwhelming sadness
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