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Found 12 results

  1. Today was rough in a different way. My husband and I spent the day out and it was a good distraction. I got waves of sadness here and there. But now I'm home and the day is winding down and suddenly there's that tightness in my chest, and I remember that my baby boy isn't here anymore. My favorite part of coming home was kissing Westley's forehead, picking him up and carrying him around for a couple minutes. He always nuzzled my face and neck when I picked him up, and never fussed when I'd carry him around the apartment, just because. I really want to hold him, have him sit in my lap for the l
  2. (I wrote this a couple days ago, and logged in last night and thought I had updated it, but apparently it did not stick. Callie made a major turn around on Saturday Friday evening and after discussing with out vet, we have decided to wait and see if she continues to hold. I am still anxious about it all. But she is still with us for now. Thank you everyone for your well wishes and thoughts. I will be back for certain when the time comes that we do have to put Callie to rest. I am trying to be realistic, and yet also hopeful.) I am just beginning the grief process at the loss of my
  3. I don't know if anyone will still read this. It is quite long.. but I can only wish someone would try to help me. I'm grief stricken with guilt over a stray outdoor cat. He was recently euthanized in a shelter a week ago. I've been caring for him the last year and a half. He was left by his feral mom when he was little in our property. Since we already had 2 cats indoor, my hubby didn't want anymore addition so I just fed him from our deck. There he stays and after eating would just lie down on the chair next to our sliding door. At night he comes back to sleep on the same chair. Our cats
  4. My baby boy, Watermelon, was 4 yearsold when he passed away. It was just few days ago and I’m still in so much pain and covered with guilt. I’m in Australia and my baby boy was in Vietnam with my parents. Due to covid-19 I couldn’t fly back to be with him during the whole time he was hospitalized. He had been diagnosed with intestinal tumor and the Vets did exploratory surgery and removed 55 cm of his intestine. The vets said he was in danger and complications could happen anytime. He was on IV fluids for 15 days, no eating and drinking because the Vets was afraid his intestine had n
  5. Hi all, I lost my beloved calico on Mon evening and I am devastated. I know folks here will truly appreciate the shock, immense grief, sadness, and loneliness that comes from losing a furry baby. Savannah J was my child and my chosen family as I don't have a child or significant other. Her absence is so, so painful. She picked me 13 years ago from a shelter and it truly seemed like the universe brought us together. 13 years of habits & cohabitation are gone. She will no longer share a pillow with me, meow and head-butt me to in a genuine effort to help me wake up each morning,
  6. My boyfriend and I have a beautiful ragdoll cat I call Bunny. We played with him as much as we could, but we both work and wanted to get him a little companion for the day time. 4 months ago, I came home with a tinny little fluffy ragdoll. His personally was unlike any pet I’d ever had. He was the most loving, innocent, playful and fearless little guy. I ended up getting so attached to him that I called him my baby. The cats got a long well and played together a lot. Because we were all isolated together, all I did was play, pet and enjoy their company. The little guy (who I called mouse) w
  7. A rose is a rose is a rose. Accidents are accidents are accidents. I understand this all too well, but it doesn't make things any better. As pet owners, we all know that the absolute worst thing that could ever happen is accidentally killing our life companions. The blood on our hands, so to speak, doesn't wipe off easily if at all. Our minds go on a loop of could have, would have and should haves. The days that follow feel so cold with their absence, and knowing their abrupt demise was on your watch makes the atmosphere even colder. They did not deserve such an awful end, we tell ourselves. T
  8. For nearly 8 months I have felt nothing but guilt over my cat’s Buttercup, death. I didn’t cause his death but in my sadness over potentially losing him I had only prolonged it. My first mistake was not giving him put down when the vets told me to. My entire family left the decision up to me and I know it should be but I just could not handle it. My second mistake was at the time I was pet sitting and didn’t take the opportunity to spend more time with him. The family offered to get someone else but I refused so I only got a few hours a day with him. My final mistake wa
  9. Last November my cat Dixie broke her right hind leg, I took her to the vet and they took xrays and put a splint on. Shes 20 yrs old and they explained it may or may not heal. On next visit 2 weeks later her leg was showing signs of healing so they put a new splint on and I returned 5 weeks later and they removed the splint and took xrays and the vet said she was healing fine. The vet said she was going to see how she would do without a splint but I was worried her leg may still be fragile so she put a soft splint on. This was on Monday Jan. 13th. the following day she lost her appetite and she
  10. Yesterday I lost my best friend. It was so sudden and unexpected, I can't stop crying, I miss him so much. I know most people think about cats as being aloof and such, but he was so loving and affectionate to me. We really had a special relationship, we were like two peas in a pod. When I'd walk around the house, he would always follow me, almost every night he would sleep on my bed. He was a massive part of my life, half of the time I live alone so he was my company and when he was around I never felt lonely. I used to love coming home, knowing that I'd get to see him and cuddle hi
  11. 2 nights ago I killed my poor little kitty. We called her beans because friends of ours found her in a bean field behind their house. We think a guy they saw riding around on a 4 wheeler in the field saw the kids outside and dropped or threw her into the field, so the kids would here her cry, as they did, and bring her home, etc., as they did. Their mom called us because she knows I love kitties and I volunteer at a cat/sometimes dog rescue and there’s a likely chance that I would help. I had her bring her over, regardless of the 6 kittens + mom I was fostering and my 5 cats. She was suc
  12. i don't even know were to begin. my cat wasn't just a pet to me she was the closest thing i had and probley ever will have to a child of my own. she started getting sick. i should have seen the signs. i thought she was eating and just not gaining weight. and drinking more water then eating. then she started going down hill fast. the last day my baby girl was with me i woke up and she could only lie on her left side. she couldn't move her back or front left legs at all. it was like she was asking me for help. i made the decicion to put her to sleep that day. as i was waiting for the ride to g
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