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Found 3 results

  1. Okay so on July 3rd my girlfriend Amanda just ended our relationship of 7 months because I was "adding to much stress" onto her already stressful life, she just found out her dad has stage 4 stomach cancer and has 2 months to live, and has now ended our amazing relationship, we literally did everything together, we were so in love, she told me how much she loved me every single day and how she wanted to be together forever and wanted to get married and have kids, move in together, ect, ever since her dad got sick she hasn't been the same and we fought all the time just because I wanted to see her more, you see I went from seeing her every single day to maybe once a week and this was a hard adjustment for me, our relationship was incredible before all of this, we spent everyday together we loved all the same things, we were best friends and everything was heaven sent, we lost our virginities to eachother and that just made us feel 10x more connected and she used to say the sweetest things to me daily about how she wanted to be with me forever and how she loved me so much and how there's no one else she'd rather be with. so on July 2nd we got in a really bad fight and she was saying that she wanted to take a break and I was having a hard time accepting it and I told her just to think about it and she said she was going to watch a movie with her parents I get a text from her about 30 mins later saying basically that she still wanted to be with me forever and that she still loved me and that she wants this to work but it's not going to if I don't stop fighting with her.. so the next morning I ask her if she wanted to hangout before we work (we work together by the way) and she said no so I imeedatly felt bad and asked why and she said she wanted to take her time getting ready but she had already promised me previously that she would spend time with me that day, so I was hurt and I confronted her on it, then she said she was right about taking the break and broke up with me, I tried to beg for her back after work that night and she wouldn't budge, she then said she'd figure out what's best for her and she'd see if she wants to get back together when in the past she said if we ever took a break she promised we'd get back together... im just extremely heartbroken and sick from all of this, I don't understand why this is happening and how she can go from being head over heels in love with me to leaving me like I'm nothing.. ill explain the story in better detail if people can help
  2. So about a couple of months ago my girlfriend recently lost her stepdad. Of course I was there for her throughout all of it. At first things were well and I was able to comfort her and help her get through things. But recently I asked her if all was ok. She has been distant and does hold my hand as much,kiss, or just really any form of intimacy. When I asked her she told me she just need some space from me and that we should see each other less. She said she didn't want to end our relationship because she isnt in the right state of mind to do that and DOENST want to make a mistake. So the thing is I am giving her her space but it's just hard to not think about us. I am doing all i can to keep busy. ( about completely restored my jeep in a week to keep my mind straight) I want to respect her wishes but I want to let her know I still care about her with out smothering her Or crowding her. I live by the motto "hope for the best expect the worse". After reading some of the things on here I am prepared to lose her even though I don't want that just want some friendly advice. Thanks
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