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Found 2 results

  1. I lost my grandpa on 23/11/2015 when I was only 16 years old. He was my best friend and when he left us our world fell apart. My grandma couldn't handle his death and she developed depression and then passed away 10 months later on 3/9/2016. They were more than just my grandparents and although it's been so many years I still can't seem to get over their deaths. I know I'm supposed to go on with my life and stuff but I see them everywhere...in every little thing we used to share together and I now I have to do all of them alone. I just miss them so much and I still wish I could have done something to keep them here for a few more years. Rest in peace, my angels... I swear I'm gonna make you proud!
  2. Hello - Last Tuesday I lost my mom, dad lost his wife, and my children lost their grandmom. I am the only child as my dad is a senior so I have been coping along with him. On Friday my mom had a scheduled open heart surgery that was planned. She made it through and was in recovery. Luckily the next day we were able to have a conversation with her plus she was out of bed. I even told her the "hard part" was over! Shortly she began complications and the next day we choose to bring our kids in to see her because she was still coherent. Sadly the next day everything changed with her liver and kidney failing her. On Tuesday at 327PM she passed at the hospital with family at her side. We have been going through the emotions of shock, denial, sadness, guilt, and anger. I have not reached acceptance yet. The hard part is coping for my dad who has slight cognitive impairments and my own kids where my mom was their world. When we go back to their residence its tough to see all the memories and emptiness. Sadly we found she wrote her own obituary while looking through her bedroom so it makes me think she was worried about dying. We have the funeral scheduled this week which I am sure will trigger new emotions. I am not looking for answers but just similar experiences people have in their own lives. Thanks for reading! Talking about it with others does help. BL
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