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Found 6 results

  1. My grandfather has been a stand-in father for my whole life. He took me and my siblings in over a decade ago and he's done nothing but love and support us throughout everything. He's been such a strong, compassionate rock for the whole family and he's slowly withering away from stage IV pancreatic cancer. He beat it once and after months of chemo, a huge operation, and a long grueling recovery it came back. Between the chemo and radiation, he's tired, he can hardly eat, he's pale and in so much pain. I try talking to him and being there for him as much as possible but my brain can't stop wande
  2. Hi awesome people, I lost my father in 2017 a few months before starting my Masters in Innovation & Future Tech. I have used his loss as the source of inspiration for my project + thesis. Aiming to help those who are like us—members of this unfortunate club, dealing with loss. I would really appreciate if any of you would partake in my survey linked below: https://goo.gl/forms/Qw74fKCXAKHtwXXk2 It will require some of your time and all answers will remain confidential and only used for personal academic research. Thanks for reading. Your help and insight will be used to gene
  3. Its been 12 days since my father passed away. We already had his viewing and mass funeral. I am devastated. I had such a close relationship with my father. He was basically my best friend. I spent most of my days with him and we talked about EVERYTHING. I love my father so much. I always worried about my dad while he was sick and my routine always went around his. But why do I feel like I'm not crying as much as I should? Its like tears won't come out. Is this normal? I am so hurt and sad but I feel like I'm not feeling what I'm supposed to be feeling right now. Am I numb from everything? I'm
  4. I went to Flagstaff and played the cello at a contra dance in Flagstaff tonight with my band. I actually left early. I have never ever left a gig early. No one seemed surprised and they were kind and told me to have a safe drive home. I live an hour away. No one asked me any questions; I think they understand because they are all pretty much my age or older and have been through their own grieving at some point. They also understand because they played at my dad's Celebration of Life, and well, they are my friends... But I keep thinking I should explain and I really can't explain why I am
  5. I'm Amber, I recently lost my Grandmother, nanny, June 25. She passed at home with the help of Hospice. They treated her so well. I just feel so alone. Everyone told me that time will heal this pain and in time it'll get better but how much time? I feel like it just gets worse. I miss her so much and I don't want to talk to my family because I know they hurt too, they really don't need my pain too. It just hurts so much, to know that I will never be able to hold her hand, or have a conversation with her, she's irreplaceable. I could just really use someone.
  6. Hi, I have read lots of different stories on here, and I feel like id like to vent, and also be able to have some people to talk to and for you all to give me advice, I would like to keep you all updated on every stage, and will come back regularly, so that people in my postion can follow what is happening. Okay so me and my girlfriend have been together 1 year and a half, we have had the most amazing relationship, i constantly smile when i am around her, and get so excited to see her, she is my world. she is the girl i would one day like to marry, and have children with. but that is a
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