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Found 5 results

  1. On Sunday my sweet Clarice, 16 year old mini long-haired dachshund was killed by a car. She was blind and while we don't have a fence, she was old and didn't walk far to do her business... unless you stopped paying attention. Then she would wander off because she was a brave little soul and she trusted us to watch out for her. My husband took her out and got distracted. She walked into the road and was hit by a car; I believe she died instantly, though we rushed her to the emergency vet. My heart has never been so broken, not just because I lost her when she was perfectly healthy (we
  2. I somehow can't move forward. My young little dog passed away unexpectedly due to fatal mistake by a bad vet. I am riddled with guilt for letting him go there. This was a different vet we found out too late he was incompetent and killed my dog, just for a routine dental cleaning. Something that takes less than an hour. He did nothing right and everything wrong. My dog did not deserve this. It was voluntary and I regret sending him there. I grieve and cry every day. I don't now how to manage this. It's a big loss. He was the pack leader and such a wonderful friend to his 2 brothers. What do I d
  3. Hobo King was an Australian Terrier that looked like a plush toy come to life. Full of personality with an adventurous spirit. He was only 9. He had a seizure and I rushed him to the animal hospital. With Covid 19 I had to just drop him off. After spending one night, he was released and put on seizure medication. The following week he had another seizure that lasted for nearly an hour. His seizure was not controlled by medication. He made it through the night. I took him to a neurologist the next morning to have a MRI in a different city. They diagnosed him with a
  4. Hello I am new here and trying to find some new ways of coping with the death of my sweet little Star. She had CHF and had been on 4 meds and in declining health for over a year. Still wagging that tail and playing with our other shih tzu right up until 4 days before her passing in her sleep. I can't sleep for thinking of her. My other baby looks for her everywhere. I've been through this multiple times and I know it's a part of it but it's so hard. Thanks.
  5. I feel guilt. She was 14, so I had a wonderful 14 years with her. We knew she was slowing down. 1/12/2020 my grandma called me that she found Li’i out in the rain. It looks like she tried to come to the door where my grandma feeds her (her concoction of dog food and some sort of chicken gravy soup bc as my grandma said she was getting old so the softer food was easier to eat) every morning but this morning she didn’t make it. She couldn’t move her hind legs. Her eyes seemed to focus then not. My husband and I rushed home. She nipped at us when we tried to move her lower bottom. So we k
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