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Found 3 results

  1. I recall several months ago how I mentioned the need for those of us who can, to help sustain this home, our refuge and safe place to come, by contributing. Grief Healing Discussion Groups is one of if not the largest site of it's kind. With over seven thousand members and growing daily, the demand on Marty is very high. So many of our members are financially hurting and how understandable that is for losing a spouse often is disastrous. Because of this, there never has been a fee to join or participate. Some of us however can and must for it is not unlike helping a friend in need and we are all friends here. We are family. We are the one's who "get it". It doesn't take much and even a small amount of twenty dollars here and there could make such a difference in sustaining the work Marty is doing. We can hardly imagine the time she spends moderating and researching information for one who needs it. When funding by Hospice of the Valley (HOV) was cut years ago, it left a hole. A big one! Those of us who are financially stable need to step up and it's so easy to click on that donation button. I know it is secure and safe to use a credit card or paypal. I now do an automatic monthly donation but I used to do it whenever I could afford to as a one time thing. It doesn't matter how much or how often but it will have an affect. I promise you that. When I was first widowed, I joined a grief support group that was not this one. It was a wonderful site called "Grief's Journey". A friend in Canada told me about it so I went there. That time was when I was at my lowest and I could hardly equate the cost of running such a place. I had tunnel vision so I saw very little through my own tears. The web site ended and you can pull it up to see the remains as if it was a star that went nova and just a white dwarf remains. I was lucky to have been directed here by my grief counselor at HOV, Joyce, who worked with and is a dear friend of Marty's. After funding was lost and I had grown to the point where I could see other issues beside my own grief, I knew I had to help so that our home here would not also end. I'm not saying it is going to. I am just saying we cannot take the chance. I have posted this on Loss of a Spouse, Partner, or Significant Other because as you can see, it dwarfs all other topics in member involvement. So please my friends do what you can for this is one of the most important causes we could ever have. Thank you for reading this through and for giving it some thought. Stephen
  2. Not long ago I posted in another thread about the loss of funding to Marty and this wonderful site that means so much to so many of us. In an effort top help I have organized an art auction event here in Scottsdale, Arizona on October 1st. I deal in the art community and have found terrific support for this project. I have been collecting art from many caring people and some artists here as well so I want to invite anyone on this thread who does art or crafts and would like to donate something, to contact me. I am providing the framing for anything that needs it but have to have them by mid September. Your presence here for the event would be so great as well. It's a wonderful way to help Marty and all of us too. If you look at "Grief Support Funding" in Loss of Spouse or Significant Other, you can read more of what this is about. Stephen
  3. Fellow members, It's time to bring this topic back to our attention now that our art auction fundraiser is behind us and we must remember that while it helped a great deal, we cannot stop working to keep Marty and this important haven going. When I first found this site it was funded by Hospice Of The Valley (HOV) here in Phoenix, Arizona. Soon after I arrived and in the throws of a very dark place in my life budget cuts forced HOV to stop funding Marty. I was too deep in my own anguish to even notice the donate button at the top of the page. It wasn't that I couldn't help. It was that I could see little beyond my own grief. As has been spoken before many members of our community of over eight thousand have a very hard time making ends meet and that is not only a horrific place to be but can add unwanted guilt to their grief because they cannot help. That is the beauty of this place. We don't care who can afford to help. There is and never shall be a fee to participate in healing. As a matter of fact the longer you are here, the more you can help others with your words, wisdom, and experience and you can't put a price tag on that. Guilt has no place here. Only love is welcome. What is important is that those of us who can help, must help. Those of you who already do so know how grateful Marty is. This thread is to remind those who haven't helped but can afford to do so to step up and those that are new to understand the need in case their grief had them pass it by unnoticed as I had. Please keep it mind and do what you can. Thank you Patty for giving us a banner to connect the love with the support through this photo from the grounds of our art auction.
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