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Cheryl J

Good to Bad to Good....so on so on

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This weekend has had its ups and downs.  It is weird how one minute you can be fine and the next minute you want to crawl in a hole.  Laughing then crying.  At peace then depressed.  I know that everyone out there experiences these same ups and downs.  Like me doing my video journal, sharing here is like another way of release.  So, while I sit here drinking coffee and watching some silly show I think about these ups and downs....minute by minute....second by second.  I tell myself "I got this".  Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't but I know that this is part of the process.  Thanks for letting me share!!!


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31 minutes ago, rdownes said:

You are so right this is what we all go through and yes you do got this that positivity we help you along the way.


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