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The Millennial's Guide to Grief


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The Millennial's Guide to Grief by Nicholette Pennington

I'm a Millennial, yes I just said it out loud. I will say I am not proud of all the character traits that comes along with saying that but I can tell you that I have found being a Millennial and dealing with grief has been a really good thing. So I will just take the good and leave the bad, making my own rules with it.

As a Millennial, we handle things completely different when it comes to grief and our feelings that our parents and grandparents. To the generations before us, it seems odd and backwards, to us it's healing. Let's be clear though, there is not a cut and dry way to deal with grief. Those before us didn't do it wrong and we are not doing it wrong. In fact, the Millennials might actually have it figured out, after all, don't we already know it all?  So here it is, the Millennials guide to grief.  Read on here

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I'm 33 and I can relate to some of that. I just said today to my friend I'm not one of those people who tells myself to "be strong, I can do it" and push myself through the day. When I feel like breaking down that's what I do. I don't have any need to try to appear strong or hide it. Well I have to hide it due to my situation but around the people that know I'm not going to pretend to be ok when I'm not. That's just not me.


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I agree, I don't think this is something we can "be strong through" and it does us a disservice to wear a mask all the time.  You have reason to have to hide it but as long as you can get alone and grieve some of the time, it's healthy to let it out.  My heart goes out to you, I know how hard it must be.

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