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Moving away after mother passed


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After my mother passed over a year ago, and after settling the estate except for some legal details, I decided to do what I had always wanted and that is to move  to another state a 1000 miles away. My mother told me  "you can go when I die".  I was working then and needed the money anyway. Now that I am retired and do not need to work (am over 65) I am free to move. I have almost no family left. But I know NO one anywhere to connect with. After checking the rental prices on apartments (since I cannot afford to own) I find that for the space that I need, I can barely afford these apartments at my destination. Or not afford them if I stay there after 11+++ years. I would not move again--too much trouble and I have low energy these days because of a health condition. An odd dilemma.

For a very long time I had my heart set on a dry climate and beautiful scenery (instead of boring prairie) and now I see this is only affordable for some years not for the rest of my life--however long it is?  I researched this extensively online with countless phone calls and looking at over 20 apartments in all metro areas especially suburbs which I prefer. I have not moved in over 20 years and  didn't realize the price increases were way over 1000. a month for 1-2 bedrooms. I have an excellent deal where I live but it is too small, I am sick of this area totally and  really want to move. My mother was the last major reason for staying (Good that I did stay considering her sicknesses and the estate work!) I will feel better moving and starting over but am afraid of the drastic move to where I will be worried about finances...unexpected hardships. Basically, I will be using over 42% of my "income" and savings to manage this per year.. Maybe I am worrying for nothing or being pessimistic. I doubt  anyone would hire me at my age at a good job. I get anxiety thinking about it.  No one gives me advice.

Your thoughts??

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Have you thought about living in an RV?  You could locate wherever you wanted and change your mind and go somewhere else at any time.  Of course, it isn't much room, but I know a couple who has been living in one for over ten years and it's extremely well laid out, has a garage/utility room, a deck (it has a tip out for it and the bedroom), even a barbeque!

Another idea might be a live in caregiver, you wouldn't have to pay rent at all and you'd bring in some extra income.  Just a thought...

Sometimes I wish I didn't own because the repairs and maintenance at this stage is really high and at my age I'm not up to doing it myself...that and I'm upsidedown.  I'm stuck here until I'm 80 and have it paid off, then I am free to leave whether it sells or not.


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