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Hello all,

Saw a trailer for an upcoming film called "A Monster Calls", it looks to be a great film! It was, like lots of films, adapted from a book of the same title. You're probably thinking "why is this relevant to the forum?" Well! Here is the synopsis of the book:

A Monster Calls is a low fantasy novel written for children by Patrick Ness. Set in present-day England, it features a boy who struggles to cope with the consequences of his mother's terminal cancer; he is repeatedly visited in the middle of the night by a monster who tells stories. Ultimately, it's a story about coming to terms with loss.

I have just ordered and I plan on reading it ASAP. I don't know about you, but I do find myself interested in reading/watching things that relate to my experience with death. But anyway, I've not seen a book with so many 5 star reviews! If you're interested, I urge you to have a look if you haven't already! 

Amy :-)

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