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My Dad Passed

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I'm sorry, Cheryl.  How is your mom doing with it?  Do you think she might decide to come home after all then or is it too soon to know?
My heart goes out to you and your mom.  I know this is a big change for both of you.

Marty posted these links once and I hope they might be of help to you in dealing with your mom:


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It's okay for your mom to be in denial, that and shock seem to be the body's way of protecting us until we can deal with it, which may be little by little.  Try to take good care of yourself during this time, go for a walk, try to sleep, eat something good for you, drink lots of water.  I always recommend someone see a doctor, too, when they're newly grieving, and tell them what's going on.  It helped me to do so when I was going through it.  It can take it's toll on our bodies in a hurry.  I developed edema, which can be dangerous, so I had to see a doctor right after my husband died.

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