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Today would have been our eighth wedding anniversary.  I remember that day so very clearly.  I was up at 4 am and realizing that plans for the day had to change, because we were to get married outdoors and it was a cold and rainy Saturday.  We were not supposed to say our vows until 7:30 that evening; but since I was setting everything up (I was my own personal wedding coordinator), I had to change it up.  It really didn't matter if we said our vows in a beautiful garden setting, or inside at the reception hall...I KNEW it was going to be beautiful because of ALL the LOVE we had.  I remember walking into the hall, full of family and friends and my eyes meeting up with Mark's.  I could see the tears of happiness there as I took his hand and we walked together to the altar that had been created in the middle of the room.  I managed to keep my composure up until it was time for me to state my vows, and my voice began to tremble.  I looked in his eyes and saw all that love and I Was able to finish my words before the tears of happiness fell.  I LOVED (and STILL DO) being his wife.  I waited my entire life for him and he was the final thing to complete my life.  Things weren't always perfect, but our love was. You don't think on your wedding day that in just over five short years, your life would shatter into a million pieces.  I can say that I always made sure that Mark knew how very much he was loved; he did the same.  On this third anniversary without him, his absence is GREATLY present.  He was truly the love of my life...and I was his.  I never ever have to wonder how he felt, and that is a wonderful blessing he gave to me.  I hope as the years go by, that the hurt will diminish a little.  What I would not  give to be able to go back in time and have him all over again.  It was a wonderful, magical, romantic day FILLED with love. I miss you, Mark with everything I am.

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What a special day!  Thank you for sharing it with us.  That day stands out forever in our hearts and minds as the best day of our life.  It sounds like you have enough love in your heart to sustain you, even as I do...they gave us all of themselves.  Happy Valentine's Days, may your memories be sweet and comforting.

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