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Loss of both Grandparents, Aunt and Friend

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I'm sure I'm not the only person who has experienced multiple losses in a short period of time but I am having a hard time coping. 

I have started to see a therapist which helps but its only a couple of times a month. I'm just trying to connect with anyone else who may have been through something similar. In a span of 8 months I lost 2 of my grandparents who were like parents to me and raised me since my mother had a mental illness. In addition I lost my aunt, who was my godmother shortly after, and in addition I lost my best friend to a brain tumor. I am single and I don't live near any family. Just not sure how to handle the mixed feelings of it all. It seems like a lot of friends I have just think I should snap out of it by now.

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I'm so sorry, Kate, to learn of the many losses you've endured, and so close together. I don't know how old you are, but if you and your friends are under 30, you may be the only one in your circle who's experienced this level of grief firsthand, which only adds to your feeling of isolation. In time I hope you'll connect with others in our forums here, but in the meantime, I invite you to read this article (and note the others listed at the base as well), in hopes that it may help a bit: In Grief: Coping with Multiple Losses 

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I am sorry for your losses.  Any one of them can be hard to take by itself, but pile them on like that and it's really hard to digest.  I lost a long time friend to an aggressive cancer just a few months ago, and it's still hard to fathom she's gone.  

There are numerous people on this site that have had multiple losses, but not necessarily the same relationships you have lost.  Have you tried a grief support group in addition to a grief counselor?  You don't say if your therapist specializes in grief, but not all of them are trained in it, it's something you have to ask about.

Marty, thank you for sharing that article, it's good!  It's true, it helps to separate the losses and grieve them individually, maybe by taking separate time to do so, and memorialize each of them in their own way.

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