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6 Tough Lessons You Learn After Losing A Loved One in Your 20s


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6 Tough Lessons You Learn After Losing A Loved One In Your 20s 
by Laura Masling

Everyone at some point in their life will experience grief and loss. It’s an unfortunate inevitability of life. The reason grief is so challenging is because it manifests itself physically, psychologically and even spiritually. You start to doubt your beliefs when you begin to question how something so terrible could happen.

I learned that grief is never a linear progression, nor is it a series of steps that will help you to move on. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance — you may feel all of these at once. You may feel depression before denial. You might entirely skip one of these feelings.

There is no set order or rule book when it comes to how we experience grief. You may feel all of the emotions under the sun or you may only feel a few. The experience is completely unique to you.

Last year, I lost my dad to suicide. Losing a parent at any age can be extremely tough and traumatic, but losing my dad at 24 made me feel as if I’d already missed out on so many opportunities that I’d never get to experience with him.

At some of my worst points of dealing with grief (especially in the first few months after my dad died) I truly believed life would never go on again. Yet here I am. There are five things you learn about grief after losing a loved one.   Read more here >>> 

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