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Dryer got my cat

Debra Lorenzen

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Lost my kitty named Jessie do to the dryer. The day before my husband washed about 6 pairs of our shoes. When they got done he put them on the dryer. It's our routine to wash our clothes the nite before than put them in the dryer. I put our clothes in the dryer the next morning but when I heard a thump I thought it was a shoe never in my mind did I think I had a cat in there. We heard this horrible noise come from the dryer so my husband went and got the clothes out and Jessie my cat climbed out. He was in there for about 10-15 minutes. His ears on the top were bloody and he walked out. He had blood coming from his mouth. Panting really hard. My husband rushed him to the emergency vet (I wished I could have gone but I had to work). The vet told my husband that they can try to get his body temperature down overnight meanwhile he was on oxygen. She checked him over and gave my husband options. If he stayed it would be $800 for the nite. If he made it than to fix his broken bones and see what kind of head drama he would have would be $2500. She told him if it was her kitty she wouldn't let him suffer. That was the hardest choice we had to make. I thought maybe he would have a chance since he walked to my bedroom from the dryer. 

I treat my animals like my kids and family. Most of the kitties we have are rescued. This has broken my heard knowing I caused Jessie pain and suffering. He never deserved to die like that. The pain and the sadness is so unbearable I cant stop crying and thinking about the horrible accident is unforgettable, how in the world can I go on thinking only if I double checked the dryer and checked and stopped the dryer when I heard the thumping. 

My other kitty miss him. Jessie was the best cat anyone could have. My husband and I decided to go and see if there was a kitty for us at the animal control. Jessie just came back it was love at first sight w/him and my husband. Jessie was adopted out but returned because his previous family said he was to timid. He was the one and blessing to us to have him. Forever in our hearts Jessie, love you and I am so sorry. Only if I had checked 

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I am so sorry this happened to your cat.  As you can tell from the other threads, that seems to be the number one killer of cats, you are not alone in this happening to you.  I wish we could get the news out to people to not leave their dryers open if they have pets, they crawl in for the soft clothes and warmth.

I know you are feeling terrible about his death.  Please try not to blame yourself, it was an accident.  Try to focus on the good life you gave him while he was with you.

I hope this article is of comfort to you:


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