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Remembering my Jim's Birthday


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April 3rd Birthday Remembrance

My Jim (d. 25 May 2012)

 No matter how long you have been gone there are those special days that still bring a touch of sadness to me because you are no longer here in the physical sense. You are always in my heart.  When I am at my lowest I look to you and remember that I really am stronger than I think I am.  

How very fortunate I was to know you and to share my life with you for forty years. So many days were so special to us but birthdays were always filled with so many memories. Looking back, I smile because we were always trying to outdo each other. One of my most favorite memories was when you handed me a rose and said to me, “A rose is a perfect flower. You are my rose, remember that every time you see a rose.”  I cried.

The poem below is identified as Anonymous

a birthday remembrance.jpg

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My dear Anne

As tomorrow comes I will be thinking of you and your dear Jim.  I know how special those birthdays are and always shall remain.  I celebrated Kathy's birthday just ten days ago and even in the celebration in one of her most special places on earth, the tears still came along with the joy. May we never forget how they chose to spend the rest of their lives with us.



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You are right.  No matter how many years go by, we never fail to remember their birthday and other special days.  They are as dear to us now as when they were with us.  Thinking of your Jim on his special day...

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