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The Truth About Life

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I think at this point we all know the "ugly" truth about life. The one in which we overlooked when we all were whole but can no longer look pass. The truth that has been there since day one but yet we thought we could manipulate. But that truth is front and center at this point. So what is the truth about life? The truth is we have no control over it....none. No matter what we do life will do what it wants. 

I've realized as much as I thought I had control over my life I never did and I never will. We are all pieces on a game board in which is played by one person....or higher being. (Religious beliefs). So I gave up trying to fight the inevitable and trying to control what I obviously can't.  Realizing the control isn't yours leaves you less disappointed. 

Wish I came to this realization years ago.....

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Well I see it as a mixed bag, we have control over some things but not others.  We do our best and leave the rest up to what will be.

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