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One cat, and then a second one dying.


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It was March,1st,2017 when my dad heard a thump in the kitchen. It was our 17 20 pound tabby Tiger. It only took a matter of a min or 2 for him to have his heart attack and die. I found out after work, bawling my eyes out. I had gotten a praying mantis named Bugsey a few weeks before that. And with Bugsey's help I started to heal, and the rest of my animals. But then week ago we noticed our 6 year old cat Prince losing a ton of weight. Where you could tell just by him walking, another heartbreak. He's dying from Kidney disease stage 4. Out of no where. He's still alive but i know eventually he's gonna pass on. It made me mad.


I even started blaming god, and I am a christian. I looked online to see if anyone else had experinced 2 bad things happening to different pets in such a short time span. And it brought me to you guys, I suffer from anxiety and depression. And they were my comfort, idk what I am going to do when Prince passes. But i needed support, and as much as I love my family and friends its not enough. I am lucky to have this guy right here, he's my baby. I sing to him every night. And talk to him, hes brought me out of my depression more so then any other animal. Surprisingly.

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I think God brought you Bugsey.  He knew you needed him.  I am sorry about Prince...and yes, I've lost many in my life, and sometimes it's one right after another.  I don't think it's God that suddenly takes them from us, but life, this world, is not perfect and things just happen.  Some people think everything is all planned out, like we're an unwitting pawn in someone else's play.  I don't.  I think life is rather random.  I do think sometimes God steps in and gives us someone, like my meeting my late husband, and your getting Bugsey.  But I don't think He controls everything in our lives, we have free will, the power to choose for ourselves and with that comes consequences of our choices, good and bad, but not everything is in our control.  Anne (Enna) posted a good article about Control (or loss of it) in the Tools for Healing section.

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