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Having A Hard Day Today

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Please bare with me.  I'm using this as a type of journaling.  I'm having a really bad day today and just need to write it all down in hopes that it will help alleviate some of my pain.

Too many triggers lately. My late father's birthday was June 22nd.  3 years ago today, my father passed away due to complications with COPD, so he's heavy on my mind lately.  Also, I'm coming up to the 4 month mark of my husband Michael's passing away, in July 3rd.  July 4th was one of my husbands favorite holidays, because he loved to fire off fireworks and blow things up.  :P (Not in a dangerous way,)   My heart is very heavy with missing both of them terribly.   There are moments when I just break down replaying all the memories.  This is my year of "firsts" without him.  Pray for me.

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That we can do, Mike's Girl. Triggers are a challenge, that's for sure, and they come at us whether or not we are expecting them. It can help to plan ahead for these special days so they don't take us by surprise. And sometimes it helps to remember that these dates are significant only to the extent that we invest them with so much meaning. In truth they are no more than just another day on the calendar ~ another day of missing the ones we've loved and lost.

You may find these articles helpful (including those listed at the base of each):

Tips for Coping with Anniversary Dates in Grief

Grief Rituals Can Help on Valentine's Day (or Any Special Day)

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22 hours ago, Mike's Girl said:

This is my year of "firsts" without him.  Pray for me.

You've got it!  I'm sorry this time is so hard for you.

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