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Well, I got a call from the funeral home saying they laid the marker for Lori. Sort of brings a brand new reality to this. I mean, I know she's gone but each little thing sort of twists the knife a little bit more. When I heard the message from the funeral home it was everything I could do to hold it together at my desk at work. I know it's just a piece of bronze on top of a granite square. It's a benign inanimate object carved by a person who never met Lori and knows nothing about how special she was. It marks a spot on the ground that holds the shell she used for 46 years. It's not her there in the ground. So why does it hurt so much all over again? 


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It is beautifully done, a tribute to her, and it's neat that you will share a spot with her.  I know it's not "her", but still the body she inhabited was familiar to you for so many years, it is special all the same.

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