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Mom passed 11months back.  I was okay a few months back.  Now I am not.  I have trouble sleeping from lower back pain and when I finally do fall asleep the alarm goes off.

I am in a chronic state of fatigue and tiredness.  Used to be a multitasker....not now. 

For the last few years I was a non stop doer.  All I want to do is lay down.  Never feel refreshed upon waking.


What is up with this???????????????????????

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To be quite honest, I'd pay a visit to my doctor.  The lower back pain should be addressed, as well as the sleeplessness, neither being good for long term.  While grief can cause sleeplessness, you state it's from lower back pain.  I'm sure you've heard all the things to try to sleep, lavender is relaxing, soothing music, etc.  All of that probably isn't going to override pain though.

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