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I had a wreck moving to tx from Indiana it was in Arkansas and Missouri state line my Boston terrier Rainy ran out the broken window across the Freeway into ran after her I couldn't find her I spent 19days there looking for her but I couldn't find her it happened 6-11-17. The guilt of not know if she is alive or dead I think if I knew I could handle it better the tears don't stop the guilt of it is eating me alive. I was her protector her mommie I am on the edge of a nervous breakdown then on top of all this is i lost my mother how does one not break down 

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My heart hurts for you, my dear, as I read your tragic story of losing your beloved Rainy in such a traumatic way. Happening as it did in the wake of losing your mother must be horrible for you. I am so sorry! 

I hope this article will offer some useful suggestions ~ and please know that I am thinking of you and your fur baby, hoping for the best: Pet Loss: When Your Pet Goes Missing 

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I am so sorry, it's very hard losing a pet you don't know what happened.  I lost my Miss Mocha over a year ago, never learned anything concrete, no body to bury, but I believe a wild animal got her, I know she didn't leave of her own accord and she'd been in perfect health.

Have you alerted the locals pounds?  It's very hard to lose more than one close in proximity, I'm so sorry.

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