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Purrs and more for those missing their furbabies' sounds


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The Internet has a Cat!

I came across this recently and wanted to share it with others, knowing how horrible it is to lose the physical sense of one's feline furchild being there with you. So far, it's a FREE service/site and I hope that continues, with enough donations! It is a cat purr generator and includes other vocalizations that you can control to your own liking, including type of purr, frequency/speed, and either the occasional OR frequent 'interruptions' of several, varied cat "talking"! I think it's BRILLIANT! Some of you may want, or need, to use it to fall asleep to, if you were dependent upon your furbaby's contented purring in bed with you. But you can play its unending loop any time you want.

So far, I've found a few vocalizations that sound like each of my furchildren's, and it's a comfort, even years later, as if they're still in the room with me. The only thing missing is my girl's particular, rarer double-purr-all-at-once, but I have another CD for that, that's virtually identical.

Please enjoy and feel soothed, while it's still up and running, and if you want to keep it up or get access to even more types of cat purrs, you can donate! To access this great resource and customize all its controls as you prefer, go to:


Also, do scroll down to read everything about it, it's fascinating!

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