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My lovable PeekaPoo hit by car


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While on vacation in Hawaii, my lovable PeekaPoo got out of the condo and ran and got hit by a car. He was staying with my daughter which makes it even worse. He was the love of my life. He went everywhere with me. Always by my side. My heart is breaking. I go home today to an empty house. I feel like an extension of me has been cut off. I loved him so, so much. 

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Dear one, my heart reaches out to you in your pain and sorrow. Losing a cherished companion in such a sudden, unexpected and traumatic way is so difficult to bear. If you read through some of the threads in this forum, you will find that you are not alone. So many here are mourning the accidental death of their beloved pets, and we all know how much this hurts. 

I hope these articles will give you some small measure of understanding and comfort:

Why Does Pet Loss Hurt So Much?

Pet Loss: Is It A Different Kind of Grief?

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I am so sorry.  It's very hard to lose a pet under any circumstances, but this must have been very horrible for you, and for your daughter also.  I hope you can do something in your peekapoo's memory to honor him.  I ordered some headstones for my pets from here 


and I see the price is lowered.  They did a beautiful job and it can be easily worked into a garden area.

Whatever you do, I hope you find some comfort in your memories, knowing your dog had a good life with you.  We are bound together not by our grief, but by our love, and it continues still.  You're in my thoughts and prayers.

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