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Gizmo was my 15 year old English springer spaniel. Her tail was always on the move, so much that this year I was going to sew her a hummingbird feeder costume for Halloween with a bit of ribbon attached to her tail so it looked like she was fluttering around the feeder. She came into our lives only four years ago and immediately won the hearts of my children and I. Her spirit was gentle and oh so sweet. Some called her a healer. 

I put her to rest yesterday after she could no longer walk without falling. For the last week, I was carrying her up and down stairs. She looked so lost, sad and confused. This little girl gave it all she had. When she ran too much and her leg gave out, she would run on three legs. After spending a day at the office with me, she would race me up the stairs so she could greet me at the top. Every person she met was her new best friend. She smiled often and her tail never, ever stopped.

The pain is immense. My children are at college grieving. In ten years, we buried my beloved husband and three incredible dogs. You'd think we'd be oblivious to grief, yet each time feels like my heart will never recover. 

Goodbye, Gizmo. We will be forever grateful for your love and devotion.

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I'm so sorry.  I do know how important our dog is to us, and to lose them is very hard.  Words are just inadequate, just know that I care.  (((hugs)))

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