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Suffering Days After losing My Dog Daphne


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Friday at 458 I got a call that no one wants to hear. My two year old chihuahua companion who was my best friend had been found in front of our home in the country hit and dead on the side of the road. A few minutes later I arrived home and had to address the road and handle the necessities but every minute is filled with such pain and loss. At first I felt blame, it was a beautiful day and I had let her out with our other dog as usual to play. This was everyday normalcy but this day unfortunately when the home down the street swerved to miss the big dog next door they hit my little girl beside him. I can't make sense of why my little girl. She was only two and had such life left. I wish I had kept her indoors but she loved the outside with the other dogs so much. We live very rural and hardly see a car. I remember the last times seeing her, I remember the sound of her feet on the floor. How do you all find closure? I still don't have it. :( I'm so upset and empty feeling without her. 



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My dear, I am so sorry to learn of the tragic accident that took the life of your precious girl.

You ask how we "find closure" after such a loss, but I'm afraid that is a question we cannot answer. There is no such thing as "closure" when you lose someone you love so much, especially when it happens so suddenly and in such a traumatic way ~ and so recently. You cannot close a door on your pain and expect it to go away. Instead, you will find ways to carry it ~ and we will support you as you do just that.

You may be interested in the post I just now added to my blog: Pet Loss: When Nothing Eases the Pain  

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Thank you for the kind response. I am just so heartbroken. I figured I would be growing old with her. The guilt also of having her outdoors is hard too. I shouldn't have let her out to run. :( She just loved the outdoors so. She definitely was a huge member of the family and is missed. I light a candle on the road with a stuffed animal as shown every night.  

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I'm sorry for your loss.  I just posted this on another thread and hope it helps you as well.  


It seems all too many of us struggle with guilt in grief, feeling if we'd done this or that differently, perhaps we might have a different outcome.  We generally proceed with the knowledge we have at the time and unfortunately, hindsight comes too late.  I wish for you comfort, for I know how hard it is to lose our pet under any circumstances, we just plain miss them.

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