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Scattered my parents ashes after 12 years

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Hi all it has been along time since i posted last. But i have been very hurt with family  and have finally got the family to say yes to scattering my parents ashes.. the week before we did it i cried every day but the day came and we shared memories and even laughed.

Afterward i had kept some of each of them even though  i was abused by my dad i needed to keep him so when my healing was done and i learnt to forgive him i would have some of him..

This happened on october 29 2017..

Peace has come somewhat to me in the end..


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OMG, a voice out of the past!  So good to see you again.  I'm glad the scattering of their ashes went well and you were able to get the family on board with you.  I hope having a bit of them is of comfort to you going forward.  Please come back here any time...

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