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Well it has been 12 years


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Well i have said in another post that we finally scattered my parents remains.

That is true but i also went through the week before with a whole lot of guilt over the fact i wanted my moms remains but  not my dads.. i had the worst dreams over this decision whether or not to keep my dads..

Well as you might know we have dealt with the remains and i did decide to keep his remains a little bit as i had a suggestion to do it and if it bothered me i could get rid of them later..


Big decision for me to make it was hard

But glad i did decide to keep some for



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14 hours ago, STARKISS said:

i wanted my moms remains but  not my dads

There's nothing wrong with feeling this way.  You feel this way for reason, it's okay to accept that.
In deciding to keep some anyway, it's showing you recognize it wasn't all bad.  People are complex, they can have both bad and good in them, thus our complex feelings about them.

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