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Over the years I have seen many people not post but are still very much a part of this special grief family. I am glad we have the buttons where we can at least let someone know their posts have been read. 

Many of us do not have responses to many of the posts and many people keep to a thread that relates to them.  It was a very long time before I even ventured out of the thread that had meaning for me ~ the death of my beloved Jim a little over five years ago.  As I remained a member I found several other threads that had meaning for me. I continue to learn about my grief journey as I navigate the different threads.  

Eventually, I found my way to reading threads from Loss of a Pet after several very special family pets died, I found myself able to empathize with others who have lost precious furbabies. I read Loss of a Parent thread not only because I have lost both parents but also because I have come to ‘know’ people who are mourning the recent loss of a parent. I have lost three of my siblings and I will read something from someone who has posted because they are in deep pain and I just might have something to say to them that might help, I have come to realize that this forum provides wonderful resources not only for the newly bereaved but also for those of us who have been here for a long time.  Each thread provides us with valuable resources and the opportunity to exchange support to each other. 

When this grief healing discussion site was formed it was explained to us that this is our forum but the forum will be professionally monitored and moderated by a highly qualified grief counselor. You can find the link here that will talk about just how this site is different from others.  This ‘no ad’ site continues to be free but a donation is much appreciated if you are able.


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