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First spring day.

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In calendar is first spring day today and we have a snow again.I got some snowdrops lately and winter is back now.I watched the news lately and they showed a big heap of snow in Russia yet.It read:"The beast from the east grips Europe".I had to smile after.I miss the spring so much.The weather is still freezing and I long for a sun again.I look out of my window and the snow is everywhere.


Hugs from Janka

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This picture is just the other day here on the west coast of Canada.  I don't like my picture taken but I felt so good at the time.  This is Scout, my temporary horse - I am keeping him until his owner can afford to care for him. 🐎

We may still get some flurries of snow but the chances of a big snowfall or constant freezing temperatures is low.  

I knew a week ago that spring had arrived as I saw two new born lambs, pussy willows and I heard the frogs croaking.  I hope everyone will enjoy some bit of spring soon.


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I love that picture, and that's a beautiful horse, enjoy him while you can!  I saw another cold front is on it's way with some moisture coming with it, will hit maybe Tues/Wed next week,  thought of all of you in Canada, it may reach us here too.  I hope no snow, I don't have to shovel the rain!  :)  Loving the Spring-like weather.

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On ‎21‎.‎3‎.‎2018 at 1:08 PM, BillT said:

Wishing you some sunshine and warmth as soon as possible Dear Janka!  Wish I could send some to you.

Have a peaceful day.



Miss you on here,dear Bill...

Hope that you´re doing better...


With love Janka

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