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I used to tease about Taco Bell so my Mom started getting their taco kits at the store after which I felt bad cause tbh mine were better. Mom was always like that. her meaning to life was her family. God bless and keep her.

well, dad is having a bad couple days. he can get around physically but mentally hes lost. Little sleep two nighst ago i think crashed him. he said last night was ok but I see it in his face. Hes just sitting staring, dont know if he cant turn on TV or if he just cant think. I'll go in there in a minute and see. Thats an awfull thing and I sincerely hope and pray im gone before I get that way. 

Food stores are funny here. prices have gone up of course and if they have any sales going they dont sign them. I figure yes they hired extra people but theyve also been selling alot more product, who knows. I've given up trying to understand it all, too many lies and too many greedy people. 

Im thinking that since I cant walk through a real forest or quiet village I should create my own, 

Hows is little Kodie doing? Have virus restrictions eased up there yet?

This county has loosened a bit but we still only go out when necassary. 

We are in starting summer, two weeks of 95-100 and sunny. Going to retreat to the tub of icewater

Take good care

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13 hours ago, Tachi said:

I sincerely hope and pray im gone before I get that way. 

I know me too, I'm doing my level best to take care of myself and I hope it doesn't bite me, living into my 90s...with dementia.  It's a robber.  I'm sorry your dad is going through that, and thus you too, I know the journey well.  Poor souls, it's not their fault...neither the mental illness nor the dementia.

We just entered Phase 2 yesterday so that means we'll get to have church Sunday, but no sitting together, touching, food, etc.  It will not be the same but better than nothing I guess.

Groceries have gone up tremendously and stores still aren't carrying some things.  Smokies are a treat for me and I haven't been able to buy them since this started except for beef and cheese ones that I don't care for.  I like the pork/chicken ones.  Raspberries are $12.33/lb, that's shocking to me, it costs as much as steak, which I haven't had in years!

Kodie is fine except for his incessant digging, so he's grounded from the yard for now, restricted to his pen, house, and walks.  My son said his dogs went through that when they were young, it got better as they aged.  He dug up a cable to something yesterday, don't know what it's too as it doesn't look like the internet, t.v., propane, etc. I see going into the house.  It was barely under the dirt, I covered it back up, lucky he didn't chew on it...I don't want to find out the hard way what it went to.  He is so stinkin' cute, I can't stay mad at him.  I try my best to sound stern with him when he digs but he looks unaffected.  I think men have a way of sounding gruffer when they want and dogs take them more seriously.

It's going to be in the 30s tonight and low 40s tomorrow...that is cold for June!  Had to build a fire again.

Good luck building your own nature spot, I hope you can!  I feel so lucky here with the forest and creek and beautiful nature!  Even if the foxes do leave their scat in undesirable places.  :)





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