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Way I think now and esp since I live in a large metro area, there are no guarantees. no assured safety. Ive never owned a gun. Altho when I have shot a gun at a target im a very good shot. But havent been able to convince myself to get one. I know I should but still. 

Sounds like between the larder and freezers you wont run out of food. dad had wanted a generator here but I dont think we would be without elec more than a day or two. I balk at fuel storage. No idea how long it could run doing the entire house but if fuel isnt available for refill.....but we do need firewood. 

I add to the canned goods every month, getting a dutch oven and frame for the fireplace. Discovered that Spam is precooked and can get the ow sodium. tastes pretty good too so will get more. Bread I think is the only thing that I was lost on but found I can make panbread/tortillas without yeast.

take good care of you. id say someone in family needs to take peggy and let you heal and stay off the foot. But then its easier to deal with someone elses family than your own. 

dad sleeps more now. No idea. he is back onto his glasses now, they need adjustment, then its his seat cushion. that he wont sit on. he has a thing on his behind. Doc thought diaper rash and/or bedsore forming. told him to change his diaper more often and use the cushion. Exactly what I had told him.  And gave him a cream. he ran thru a month of cream in two weeks. I told him to use less, nope. Anyway, you know the deal.

My best friend wants to go visit faroe Isles. When his Mom passes away he will have no real ties here and if he could find a job he would move for good. It looks like a great place. I can only imagine. 

Myself I remember my trip to Colorado my senior year in HS, 1975. We hiked up the continental divide in the snow and as I looked across the range of mtns and the clouds and storms and snow. I never wanted to leave. Will always carry that with me.

Hang in there, do your best, scratch kodie on the ears for me. 

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They sell low sodium spam on Amazon, you might find it elsewhere cheaper, maybe Walmart on line?
I've learned to do w/o regular bread but make some amazing "english muffin" substitutes and rolls, no wheat/gluten. ;)

I hear you on your dad not listening to you, story of my life now!  It's very aggravating/annoying/tiresome!

I hope Peggy will hire Beverly for more than just driving, but she doesn't like to let loose of control, yet she NEEDS someone there and doesn't do anything for herself!  She paid her bills this time, I think she wants me to butt out but she's not capable anymore.  I can let her fail and when the electricity gets turned off next time maybe she'll listen?  Maybe not.

11 hours ago, Tachi said:

I can only imagine.

Yeah, me too.  More and more I can relate to you, everything you say/feel, amazing what dealing with dementia does.

11 hours ago, Tachi said:

Myself I remember my trip to Colorado my senior year in HS, 1975. We hiked up the continental divide in the snow and as I looked across the range of mtns and the clouds and storms and snow. I never wanted to leave. Will always carry that with me.

That is so beautiful!  Take good care of yourself, praying we never get dementia and lose these beautiful memories.  I will always carry with me my trip abroad (Denmark, Holland, Sweden), it seems another world, another time and place.  These happy memories are so far away.  Like memories of my all too short time with George, he's been gone 16 years now, it seems a lifetime, I remember like a movie I once watched, it seems so remote from my existence now, but never will I forget!  If we can help it, I will never get dementia!  I will do my level best to take care of myself, and from everything I'm reading, what we take into our bodies and how we live absolutely can play a part so not only heredity, but self-care also.

12 hours ago, Tachi said:

Hang in there, do your best, scratch kodie on the ears for me. 

Aww my little Kodie bud.  His GF has been in heat the last couple of weeks, he tries and tries but alas can't reach her with his short little legs.  She laid down once for him, we'll see if he succeeded or not, but I rather doubt it.  Meanwhile they bred her with another Husky...we'll see how they come out!  I'll be glad when the heat is over and he cries for her constantly, including middle of the night.  He's got a bad case of it, ha!  Young stud that he is...

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Decided to take the labor day weekend off. Boy howdy did I plan on getting my own stuff done. Havent really done anything. Today im working off my to-do list so I dont start the week behind.

I wanted a bread to make in case we cant get it from the store. yeast I read doesnt keep well. I can make tortillas tho. One time I tried the first side was great but the other side didnt cook well. need practice I guess.

Dad is napping alot. he will sit down in front of TV and just sit, then fall asleep. Not all the time but alot. I offer to find him a movie but he says he'll find one, and finds his eyes closed. Ive ket putting off the Trust cause I was afraid he wouldnt be acceptable to the notary, cognizant. Have to do that this week, have to.

Ive lost understanding of what goes on in their minds. I can guess they are used to being in control and dont want to accept how much theyve changed and probably dont even see it. Hopefully she lets Beverly do alot of helping. Alot.

Ive read many things about life. How its ever changing and moving moment to moment, nothing is  permanent. The time on the mountain I will alwats remember but it isnt now. That doesnt make it any less real. That just makes it a different piece of time, still very much a part of me. Perhaps when we pass it all catches up and our entire life is present at once. Perhaps that wont matter. But one day you will be with George again. And then your present moment will be forever with him. 

Poor kodie, sounds like a Jr High kid lol. back in the day someone would say he needs a cold shower. He's a good pup.

I wanted to ask about the fires. Do they have them controlled?

here are more flowers. That last one is now as tall as me. No flowers but big and strong. I'm greatly enjoying the color and subtle shading and variation. The tall skinny stalks I think are Zinnia. That last one I have no idea. 

Talk good care of yourself, Play catch with Kodie for me.







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Wow, all I can say is Wow!  to the flowers, the beautiful brick work, everything!  I love your writing, it transports me.  Sure you didn't miss your calling?

I understand needing a day to just not do anything but BE.  We need to replenish, I rarely do that.  I think I have to get sick before I'm down, and it's been years since I remember being sick. That's okay, don't want to!

Jazzy is finally out of heat, pretty sure she's pregnant (she's tired and we've seen other changes), they mated her with another Husky, would love it if Kodie could have but it's doubtful with his little short legs, not for lack of trying though!  :D  She did lay down for him once though so who knows?  The "dad" is black and white like Kodie with a mask so only way to tell would be the size, he was a pretty little guy.

No the fires aren't under control, Quis is but not Gales, it's about four miles north of here, about nine miles north of Oakridge.  It got out of control (they didn't say how) and the smoke is horrid.  This is the prediction yesterday for air, the highest I'd ever seen before was in the 700s, the surface level (ground up 26') was 2805!  My allergies are having a hayday, I can't breathe in spite of two very potent air filtration systems.  I have to mask up for our walks.  I've cut Kodie and Jazzy's play dates down from one hour to 1/2 hour.  

My house is finally painted and thing put back in order, he will come back and sand/stain the front porch deck when the smoke is better and he has time.  I was stunned at what he charged, I budgeted $2,500 and the more I saw him do I expected it to be up to $3,500 (my ex-fiance quoted me $4,500 twelve years ago!) and he only charged me $1,300!  It looks like a new place...well as new as a 43 1/2 year old mobile home can look!  ;)  Hopefully next summer I can get the back of the carport replaced and jacked up onto cement blocks.  I need to get the shed taken down but it can wait until it falls down, no hurry.  One thing at a time.  Not sure I'm ready for winter after this horrid summer.

My sister has now turned against me, hanging up on me, lashing out horribly, attacking me, she changed after I told her she needed to get another driver for the morning after my foot surgery.  She's in denial about the dementia.  She said I'm posting all over the computer about her (she's never seen the internet or owned a computer so this is all imaginary, like my mom with her paranoia.  She hung up on me twice.  I've never seen her like this!  With my head I know it's the dementia but my human heart hurts.  How can it not!  I asked her "Do you not realize how much I care about you?"  She didn't answer.  Then she got angry.  This is not fun, is it!

I hope you get a chance to spend time with your beautiful flowers, to me it's amazing that someone can create such beauty and then photograph it!  I'm not good at either one.  I admire people who are!


Air 090721.JPG

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Life just keeps getting crazier. Every day this week have taken Dad somewhere or two. Today he slept in and is really out of it. lethargic. I take our temps every day and thats fine. His neuro yesterday doubled his med for tremors so watching carefully. he's always so changing each day I cant tell what is what.

Sorry about your sister, I know it hurts, we cant help it from hurting I think. Sounds like she has lost it. It always struck me that dementia sounds like other mental illnesses at times. Im grateful dad has mellowed and is no longer openly abusive, id have to leave. i dont have an answer, just do the best you can and ride it out. Hopefully somehow she realises she cant just snapher fingers. Just give her love, all you can do.

Yes ma'am, I missed my calling bigtime, but its way too late. Im debating now if I should return to studying or just have fun. These days I cant focus and cant spend enough continous time to do much. 

Im going to laugh if Kodie is a dad. You never know.

We hear nothing of the fires anymore. I wonder if they could round up some natl guard to help. Its very difficult I know. Sounds like turning paradise into someplace not good like New York. That air quality seems horrible. For once I wish they could crete weather and get you folks some cool rain. We're past the hottest part and trending down to low 90s day and upper 60s/70 at night. love cool weather.

I think dad has slipped a notch, he is watching football with the sound off. he's been sleeping late and napping daytime alot lately. I know his heart isnt well cause he does anything and hes huffin and puffin and straining. 

lets see, looked out to the backyard other day and a big rat was on the birdfeeder and 4 kids on the ground eating seed. Put the feeder away, set out traps, which dont work and poison which dissapears but I doubt it works so we shall see.

The house sounds good, I know you're happy to get that done. A little at a time and it'll be all done. Now if they could just get the fires under control.

Scratch Kodies belly for me and take good care of yourself.


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I haven't even had time to take pictures of my house, need them in case of fire to show recent condition.

It RAINED here one day!  Kodie woke up up at 3:20 am, jumped on my lap, clearly distraught, needed loving/reassurance...he'd forgotten what rain sounded like (on my metal patio roof it really clatters loudly!), I had to hold him and then I opened the door and held him and let him know it was rain and it was okay!  It'd been over three months.  Only lasted a while but it doused everything, and cleared most of the smoke away for a while.

I didn't talk to Peggy all week after she attacked me viciously twice.  I called her and said "I don't want to talk, I have to protect my BP which is critical, but I just want to know how you are!" We had some light chat and then I got off.  I realize she'll do this again, at least I'll be more prepared next time, hopefully.  She's never been vicious before, it broke my heart.  You know with your head it's dementia but your heart is broken all the same.  I'm thinking it was set off by the caregiver as dementia patients do not handle change well, even though the lady is sweet and this is a very welcome and needed change, it's also a stress on her.  That was the ONLY thing that preceded this.  Also, from what I'm learning, they strike out at the person they're most comfortable and safe with, unfortunately, that's me.  I have to learn how to handle this new phase with more detachment & calm.  Damn it's hard!  I am backing off though, not going to acceptt full responsibility for her care, so hard after doing this for a year and knowing she's not capable.  So much the caregiver does not know...

We're not hearing much about the local fires either, I know they're still burning, and we're not out of the woods yet, but I guess no news is good?

I'd be elated if Kodie was a dad, but all bets say the full grown Siberian Husky is...maybe best not as I'd be very tempted to keep one, ha!

I think back to the stresses of the last three weeks, somehow time passes no matter what we're going through.  That's consoling somehow.

Honestly I don't know how you've continued with studies when I know how all encompassing caregiving can be.

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Honestly I havent been able t study for a couple weeks, I need to get back badly but dont know when. If im not doing something for dad im researching or trying to help the yard. its always something with him. Now its his shoes again and he insists on going to a store in person. Tbh he has no idea what his shoe size is but I thik he is probably an odd size, his current slippers touch his toes and heel. im afraid then he will want to start going places every day and ill have to say no. he doesnt care if I get my study done. 

Wow, you folks got rain, im jealous. hope that helps a bit. Poor Kodie, probably thought the sky was falling. At least he figured out he was ok. he always seems pretty smart.

Dont blame you with peggy. When it turns abusive its time for otehrs to help. It seems dementia is almost a roller coaster ride, there are ups but you always know the downs are coming. The neuro this past week doubled dads med, to see if it will help his tremors. For the next 3 days he kept sleeping more and more. the third day thats all he did. the next morning he seemed good but that night went to bed 2 hours early, was really out of it and confused. he seems a bit better today but hes very active, coming up w/ schemes and doesnt make much sense. Something about working on solving an emergency situation wuith his walker, then a better way to get out of bed. He refuses handrails and such as they dont work. you know how it is, anything not his idea wont work. Cause he knows better than all the doctors and nurses. But, what he doesnt know is that they wont work because he has an antique bedframe and the frame is higher than the gap between the bottom and the mattress. So you cant slide the support bar in. Dad doesnt listen to reason, best practices or anything other than he alone holds truth. tired of the games.

Need to get my time back. but as he has always been give him an inch and he takes a mile and expects it every time. thats why i give him nothing and fight for my freedom. I have to get back to study even if he tosses me out, because if I dont he will pass and I wont be employable. 

I dont get to see news on the fires, I know its all very dry but seems like a horribly long fight. maybe once winter hits, maybe then it rains.

You have to do what you know is best, no matter the heart says. You cant change Peggy just be there should she need. 

My laptopis breaking. The frame around the screen. i glued it once and now cracked. The computer industry is having alot of troubling getting processors. In my shopping I saw older ones, cheap ones, and then expensive gaming ones. they were upwards of $2000=insane. So i got a cheap model justto do the internet. dad offered to pitch in 600. I know that isnt free and he uses it as a hook to make me feel guilty and do things for him but I will ignore that. 

What drives me crazy  is he just refuses t understand he has some issues and limitations. Something doesnt work so he blames it when really its he isnt using it properly. the remote and tv are always at fault, his chair, phone, bed, you name it. He hasnt realised how bad he has been this week. Going to skip his 2nd neuro pill and hope hes better tomorrow. e also doesnt understand all the time I spend on his stuff even tho he doesnt see it. 

Oh well, we are here, learn from the past and fight for my freedom. move forward, get some new dogtoys and ya'all have fun. Take good care.


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9 hours ago, Tachi said:

Dad doesnt listen to reason, best practices or anything other than he alone holds truth. tired of the games.

OMG, I could say the same for Peggy!  Back doing for her as no one else seems to think of anything.  I feel like I'm having to manage two households/lives!  BUT my BP was 118/62 this morning!  I'm trying to strike a balance between thinking/dealing with her needs and letting go, if that makes sense.

I hope you don't lose yourself in him.  Could you get some help caregiving?  VERY hard to be all to him 24/7 and it'll only get worse.  We can only be/do so much!  OMG can I relate to things you say!

9 hours ago, Tachi said:

he has always been give him an inch and he takes a mile and expects it every time.

I totally relate!  Peggy has an entitlement attitude too.  Like she said, "YOU'RE THE YOUNGER ONE!"  To which I retorted, "And where were you when you were my age?  I'll tell you where you were, sitting in your easy chair, reading, talking on the phone, watching t.v., eating...NOT doing for others!!!"  She has never done anything for me or anyone else!  She's lived life for herself.  I care about her but I am not enslaved to her, I don't owe her anything, what I do, I do out of the goodness of my heart.  Period.

The closest fire is only 20% contained, at least the other close one is contained now.  We are to get a downpour this weekend but unfortunately lightening predicted to come with it...most of the fires were started that way.  

I do hope you can get your study time in, if you have to go out to a shed to do so!  

At least my house is done being painted and everything back in array!  He still needs to do the front porch deck but no hurry as it's covered, the weather won't be conducive to it for some time now.

9 hours ago, Tachi said:

he just refuses t understand he has some issues and limitations.

Uh-huh!  I get it!

Doing my best to get Peggy to call the new doctor and get records transferred from old place, caregiver has done neither.  Ugh.  Do I have to think for everyone?!  It feels like it.  Lord help me if I end up like this, just shoot me and get it over with! 

Kodie is my everything, incentive/reward, he keeps me going.  He is such a sweetie.  I wish you had one. ;)


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Going to write a partial reply and then another in a couple days. My mind is just so unfocused. 

You really do have to let go after youve done what you can do. Cant make em do anything, understand, agree, cant make em better, cant fix it. My dad sits in a roller office chair at the dinner table. One of many chairs hes been through. I went outside and he was halfway to his tv chair and sitting in the office chair looking at his roller. I asked if he was going to stand up and he answered nonsense. When I cam back in he had pushed himself across the carpet and asked where he kept that office chair at night. I told him he left it at the table. he would stand up and use his walker to get to his TV chair. he had forgotten something very basic that he does twice a day. Which means he could do things that are very dangerous. 

On the good side he didnt have a 2nd neuro pill last night and he seems noticable better today so no 2nd pill tonight either. 

yes cant get swallowed up. most of the day i dont need to babysit him. If tht comes then he probably needs to go into a home. Ive been hearing some horrible stories of that what with the nurses being fired and so many places so short staffed. 

Very happy your BP is doing well, keep it up. We out of love get so involved and emotionally invested. I constantly remind myself and tell myself that his mind is bored so he will try and fill it and im here, but I can say no very well.

Peggy doesnt understand how so very blessed she is to have you. I dont know if people are placed where needed, dont know if thats God's doing or just luck. But if it is Gods plan then you are also blessed for doing it. I know its crazy and yes, it seems you have to do everything. I sometimes wish my brother would at least care one lil bit and be supportive. but then I kinda appreciate hes not trying to tell me what to do. 

Im going to get back to studying tomorrow, diving into a textbook I havent read yet. My best friend emailed me an article that there is a big shortage of IT workers. Hope that holds true when im ready to work. 

I wonder if perhaps you are Peggy's blessing and kodie is yours? And you are also his? Sometimes life isnt easy or fun, boy do I know that one. But we make it. The challenge is finding joy in these times. of ignoring the noise and relaxing and smiling. of releasing that tension and finding joy in the middle of chaos. 

Take good care

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You are so right, on every count.  I doubt anyone would do any of this for me so I do my level best to stay healthy in mind and body.  Kodie is going to have a hard time in the next four months, Jazzy is pregnant and she has no energy, he may not be allowed around her when the pups come or when her time approaches.  He's going to be in major withdrawl as he truly loves her.  She also seems short tempered right now, poor dog, she doesn't have any idea why she feels like she does or what's happening, at least she's not an elephant, they take a couple of years!

BP 137/68 this morning, probably because I'm going to the doctor to get my stitches out today. ;)

You're lucky you're smart enough to BE in IT!  Good field right now.  I'm wondering if you could get a job working from home part of the time...

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Poor Kodie. You're lucky theyre not elephants. Your home would be a wreck. I cant imagine a pooperscooper for elephants lol. I hope he doesnt get heartbroken, she'll be back one day. 

Yep, you have to watch your own wellbeing and life. I think if I allowed it i would spend all day every day doing things for dad and the house and yard. Dad has taken to napping a couple hours in afternoon. From waht he has said his back hurts sitting in a chair. he sits slouched in one corner because his body is bent and twisted. Tried the heating pad yesterday and he said it helped a bit. Thats one obstacle to him doing his hobby and building balsawood planes. he cant sit upright to work at his desk.

Going to be a crazy week. lots of things need doing. dad talking of me doing things in the yard but I just remarked I wont have time this week. My thought is I will only spend so much time each day on his business, home or yard...will spend a big chunk on study and then my personal time. some days I lose more time as needed. 

How did the stitches go? I know they dont give lollipops anymore, what a shame. 

take good care of yourself and kodie.

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I took my own stitches out as they kept changing my appt and pushing me out further than I could let it go and all the red tape/hassle just wasn't worth it, the clincher was after I had filled out a redundant online form that took 1/2 hour that I've filled out MANY times with no changes, they sent me ANOTHER one to fill out just because THEY'D changed my appt.!  NO!  I drew the line.  I do need to get a referral to an allergy doctor for something mysterious that's been going on all year and has reached my pain threshold of discomfort.  A friend has had it for two years and been sent to specialists and gotten no ideas/help.  Another friend is now going through the same thing.  You'd think doctors would be on it more.  (Throat sores, lesions all along tongue, tip to down my throat, now involving lips and gums too!)

Tore a tendon in right foot, left foot still sore/healing, both hands hurt continually, got a headache last two days (I rarely get them), knees hurt from 2017 injuries, add it all together, I didn't sleep Sat. night so stayed home Sunday, only going out for Kodie's walks and playdate.  He won't see her much this next week as they'll be gone and then we will.

GOOD FOR YOU in setting time limits you can give to your dad.  If he needs more than that it's time to get outside help.  Your mental health requires it!  You do have to think of what your future holds when he's gone, esp. since you'll need an income and place to live.  Even if he left you his house (if you were the only son) there's still ins. elec. taxes, medical, food, etc.

My sister is now complaining about someone else being in the house.  I told her thank God for her, you'd be worse off if you did not have her.  All she thinks of is how much $ it's costing her, like her security is in her bank account.  I told her to expend the $ on her caregiver and home, as she can stay there the rest of her life with HELP and the gov't will step in and pay for the CAREGIVER once she exhausts all but $2,000.  She doesn't seem to get this.  I know she needs a POA but she's past the point of legally appointing one now as she's out of her mind half the time.  The time for that has come and gone, she will become a ward of the state if anything happens.  She needs her house shellacked but she won't do it, she could live another 15 years with our family history and the house might not make it that long if she doesn't, it's been overdue for years.

Discovered the several inches of rain we got this weekend did damage to my siding in front.  Turns out the contractor that added the downspout put a long screw through it which caught the needles and plugged it tight so all the water was going down the siding instead.  I got someone out to take it apart, unplug it, put it back w/o screwing all the way in so the water would flow but now need a siding patch to seal it and paint over it...just got it all painted!  Always something.

I think your plan going forward is good, keep up your studies AND your painting, I've let my creativity go since my hand injuries, I had to make a card for my BIL, it turned out really well even though I'm out of practice.  A dryer lint card!  I'd post a picture but already put it in the mailbox.  Here's one I did years ago for example...you blend dryer lint, potpourri whatever in the blender with some water, strain it, press into a mold, let dry on screen, then do your mounting, in this one I touched up with gold to bring out the image, but I do them all different.


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The art is cool, looks like a dragonfly.

Your sister should be happy theres someone there to help her. i know she doesnt see it that way tho.

Did your allergy start with the wildfires? maybe something is irritating you folks. maybe something being burned up, even a chemical...

Cant remember ever taking stitches out. I just usually use super glue. Ive been really careful since I have no insurance. Dont even know if anyone would see me. 

They took dad to the ER tonight. he is normally weak and tired. hes been napping a couple hours in the afternoon lately. But today he slept all day after lunch. He didnt want dinner, I woke him at 6ish for half a sadnwich but he was too weak to get up. Shoudl have called them then but sometimes he really is very tired, he said he didnt sleep last night so its hard to tell whats what. he started a temp and after 9 it was 99.8 so he went to the ER. he was really out of it. he tried to say something a couole times but either was confused or his throat gets caked with mucous. The tech working on him when I left thought he was aspiring food cause he wheezed when he breathed, so probably was getting pneumonia from food in the upper resp tract. My heart was breaking, I was trying to explain what was going on but he didnt understand. I dont know if because he was so out of it or he couldnt hear w/out his hearing aids. he probably has no idea where he is or why. Will have to call tomorrow and see where he is and if I can see him. When he was in april they kept visitors out 24 hours for covid screen.

We were supposed to get his state ID tomorrow so we could use the online notary for his dnr and trust. I guess thats not happening. I put it off and waited too late. I failed 

Why does it seem when people come fix things they cant do it right? had that with cable guys fixing things only halfway. I hope you get things fixed and have no problems for awhile.

Wish you could get some relief from the aches and pains. Where have all the good doctors gone? they need a dip for the bathtub, where a person can soak and it draws out the bad stuff and eases the pain. Youve had more than your fair share.

this evening im listening to a long rain video on Youtube, dont feel like doing anything. My anxiety is strummin along. I emailed my brother but he never reads them, he said he has it set up so they go straight to a folder, which apparently he never checks.

take good care of you and Kodie, feel better...



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6 hours ago, Tachi said:

Did your allergy start with the wildfires?

I've had allergies all my life, but this new display started right after Christmas, so nine months of it.  The doctor thought a combination of inhaler (so he took me off of it) and allergies (I removed something from my diet) but it's continued to plague me.  It's hard to get in to see him and doctors never look down your throat well enough, but now it's clear to the tip of my tongue and much worse.  Can't get in to doctor, that's why I took my own stitches out.


6 hours ago, Tachi said:

Ive been really careful since I have no insurance. Dont even know if anyone would see me.

When enrollment starts up you should check into it, with taking care of your dad and no income you should get free coverage, I know in Oregon you'd be on the OR Health Plan, they cover everything unless elective.  My bill when I got my head split open was $2900..00!  No one wants that.

6 hours ago, Tachi said:

I put it off and waited too late. I failed 

Please don't think of it that way.  You are not a failure, you're the only reliable caring son he has.  You are the trusty one, the one he counts on.  Where is his other son when anything happens...or doesn't?

I'm adding your dad to my prayers. 

6 hours ago, Tachi said:

I emailed my brother but he never reads them

His problem, you tried.  I wouldn't worry about him then.

Peggy wants to go out to eat on Bert's anv of death, I told her I'll be there and if she doesn't feel up to it, I'll go get us something and bring it back.  She has to do eye treatments four times a day, 8, 12, 4, 8, each one about an hour, this for three months, ends just before Christmas.  she wants her caregiver there, we'll see how that goes.  I hope her caregiver has stamina.
I got bit by my neighbor's new dog yesterday, German Shepherd.  It was my fault, I'd just given him a treat and then reached up to pat him on the head.  I had heard not to do that but have never had a dog bite me for it.  Ken explained that although this dog is almost two, no one had ever worked with him, the dog doesn't know me, so he was protective of himself.  I'm okay, small punctures and bruised, but mostly it hurt me inside, I went home and bawled.  Ken followed me, I don't like people to see me cry and I couldn't stop myself, he gave me a bear hug, I felt embarrassed at my stupidity and am not used to people seeing me vulnerable, I've been alone so many years.  Kodie kissed me and was very attentive to me, very concerned as he knew I was upset.  A few hours later I tried again, they had him restrained and told me what to do, it went well, I felt I had to "get back on the horse" so to speak so I wouldn't be afraid of him.  I know they'll train him fine, like they have with their other dogs, but it'll take some time.  He's the prettiest German Shepherd I've ever seen. 
I love the sound of the rain, such a neat idea!  I should listen to one when I'm trying to get my BP down except it'd probably make me worry about the front of my house! :D

Please let me know any updates about your dad when you get a chance!


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Thx for the tip on free coverage, didnt know but will look. esp with the prospect of finding my own place adn spending my savings I dont need tht expense. 

Went to see dad after dinner. Seemed a bit stronger physically but gone mnetally. Didnt talk, hardly looked at me. kept looking across the room at things. I kept explaining he was in hospital for pneumonia and will be there a few days to get well. Im wondering if his memory is just gone. he did pass his swallow test, so he has been given meds and food, but hardly ate a thing. I dont know why he is so gone cognitively. nurse says could just be no meds for two days, no food, a new environment. Im sure hes scared. I honestly dont know if he remembers me. 

They had given him the regular version of his neuro med and he takes the ER or extended release and it does tons better so running that out tomorrow, his brithday. At this point very concerned. His social worker called this morning to discuss hospice and palliative care and care homes and home care. that makes me hate her with a passion. makes me think shes selling services and dad is being set up somehow.

here's my rain 

sorry about the dog bite. I just avoid animals these days. Sounds like he didnt meany anything, just being a dog. he'll be good once he's trained. but you really need to stop getting hurt. Going to have to get you wrapped head to toe in Charmin tissue.

Kodie is such a good kid, hes helping you when you feel bad. You really got lucky when you got him. yes living on ones own for years teaches you to be strong and defensive. I because of being raised by a narcissist am always happy to tell people things that make me vulnerable, because heres someone who seems nice I open up, later I hate myself, have to stop. I think if dad doesnt come back home my heart will just be jaded as can be.

Poor Peggy, treatments sound like a pain, at least she wants the caregiver. theyre going to earn their pay . 

Called my brother and he hadnt read his emails, he was supportive.

Thinking about your allergy. Ive never had the sores. Did your drinking water change? im just wondering if something changed thats not obvious...

Going to try and get some artwork done. Take good care of yourself, I hope the pain gets better. rub Kodie's belly for me.


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10 hours ago, Tachi said:

nurse says could just be no meds for two days, no food, a new environment.

Peggy was a goner in the hospital & somewhat in rehab off/on.  That's why I fought so hard to bring her home!  But I won't do it again, she needs care 24/7 so next time they're keeping or placing her.  It's hard watching them like that.  My mom was pretty gone in the dementia care place. 


10 hours ago, Tachi said:

I think if dad doesnt come back home my heart will just be jaded as can be.

:(  I hope not.  You're a good person, you deserve more.  My mom was a Narcissist too, everything about her, she couldn't see anything from a different POV.  At least she had feelings on occasion, but not much, mostly contempt/judgment.

10 hours ago, Tachi said:

Did your drinking water change?

No, I'm on a well and the water is perfect, doesn't even need additives.

Kodie got lots of attention and belly rubs yesterday, I'd been so scared I could lose him.  He'd eaten part of a cardboard takeout container and I was worried about obstruction but it showed up in his poop, just hoping some isn't lodged somewhere...he was listless and whimpering yesterday but better later in the day and he ate all his food, pooped, peed so I was relieved!

Discovered my lid missing on my engine cap where you fill the oil, oil had sprayed all over!!!  Also wiper/washer not working on driver's side, my son took one look at the picture I sent him and spotted the cap and the tube that had come apart.  Will finish taking care of it today when it's light out.  I'm sure he got a good laugh at his mom freaking out over nothing.

I'm amazed at how fast I'm healing from the dog bite!  Must be the way I'm eating now.  One of the punctures still stings.  Like my son said, he's never had or been around a dog you couldn't pat on the head, maybe a German Shepherd thing?  Like Chows are known for biting?  I love Joe to pieces but won't ever own a chow, can't have a dog I can't trust and take care of.

Taking care of a dementia person is the hardest thing in the world.  I know you love your dad, just like I love my sister, we don't want them to suffer.  I'm glad to hear you're painting...take advantage of the chance to do so.

You should be getting paid to take care of your dad, I know others who have, not sure where you sign up but I'd call Senior & Disabled and they should put you in touch with someone.


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