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Keto brought my Triglycerides from 276 (on statins) to 93 in four months (possibly sooner but they tested in 4 mos.), I'm now off statins, it also elevated my HDL so it's excellent.  Just cutting out carbs!

No idea what to get Panther, I thought of that, not sure he'd like a toy.  I got a glance into his mouth the other day, I think he's old.  And oh my is he fat!  What he really wants is our presence.  When Kodie is in the front yard, Panther comes and plays with him through the fence, it is so cute!  And he often comes to the patio door and I'll open it and pet him.

He's tearing up my ramp and rails posts.  I can't put carpet on all of them!  The patio is built on posts (like stilts)!  And quite large.  I keep telling him NO! and he looks at me like "whatever."

I'll be driving to my son's for TG, not looking forward to it as the kids will be busy with their cousins and Paul busy and it's such a long drive, and plus trying to keep Murray from hurting Kodie.  Dogs want to carry him in their mouths and it hurts him!

I wish you the best and our thoughts and prayers will be with you as you undergo this!  I'm sure it'll go well, sending you our best!


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Made it home, praise God. In pain of course and afraid of hurting myself more. There is no position that doesnt hurt but trying to avoid the oxycodone. For the next week its just chillin and healing. I really cant do anything else. Hospital was super, nurses and techs were awesome and took great care of me.

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Scott, so sorry you're in so much pain!  Am glad they took good care of you!  Times like these we need someone.  I hope you filled in "just in case" and can maybe take one at bedtime, you'll need it.  Sending prayers and hugs!


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Thank you. I crashed early last night because I havent had much sleep for about 4 or 5 days. I took a half a Oxycodone and I slept. I can see how people get hooked on that stuff. It was a very peaceful feeling. I should be able to handle the pain during the day so will take them only at night. I feel a bit better today. more mentally aware. Walking as much as can. My biggest problem is my intestines havent woekn up yet. I know I need to cause I can feel it. I had no problem passing gas. Taking stool softeners but feels like theres just no muscle to squeeze. 

he had to make a larger incison than normal since my prostate was so big. He is going to email me pictures. I thought i'd make them into a Christmas card for my brother. 

I have a followup appt this coming Monday where he should remove the catheter. He was very confident my problem will be solved. I think the only other issue will be does the bladder wor and retraining it. It has to recover and heal. My prostate was so big it was crushing my poor bladder. I only had perhaps one third or half capacity. So still have some work to do in recovery. I have food for Thanksgiving but unless my tract comes awake I wont cook. Going on light meals until it works.

So far so good. You folks have a good Thanksgiving. I just want you to know I am thankful for your friendship and kindness.

Take care.

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21 hours ago, Tachi said:

he had to make a larger incison than normal since my prostate was so big. He is going to email me pictures. I thought i'd make them into a Christmas card for my brother. 

I thought this was hilarious, knowing your brother! :D

I'm glad you finally slept, me too.  I reckon my body is feeling the stress of today because my blood sugar is up, 121.  Driving to my son's, such a long way and always confusing at the end.  There's been so many fatalities on the Hwy this week, it's unnerving.

Praying your bladder begins doing it's job and intestines too.  It may take a couple of days, it did after I had my gallbladder removed, I got stool softeners but they didn't work real well.  My BIL brought them to me.  Gosh I miss them both.  Holidays seem to hit with that.

Only 1/2 pill, huh?  That's good if it helped you sleep!

Happy Thanksgiving, Scott.

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Wondering how yesterday went, hoping you laid low and took it easy.  

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Feeling a bit better each day. I was constipated but had a goodmovement this morning bu It feels as if the Int tract muscles are very weak and cant push. I get bladder spasms whenever i try and have a movement and I pee around the catheter with pain. It pees alot more than previous bladder spasms so am hoping that means he fixed me. 

I only took hydrocodone twice and each time took a half a pill. Dont need em anymore. Took some of the Azo for bladder spasms but they can cause constipation so trying not to. 

Theyve confused me. Ive been taking the antibiotics but the release sheet says take those the dy of my cathetr remobal which isnt til monday. But that doesnt make sense so im taking em. 

I wear a surgical girdle over my abdomen and incisions. most of the incisions are small but the middle one he had to made much larger since my prostate was so big. I always seem scared im going to rub the glue and stitches off. And that i will bust my gut getting in and out of bed. I am indeed quite sore but not pain needing a pill. Sleeping alot. Crashing several hours earlier. Drinking as much fluids as possible. I get up and walk around peiodically, but hate getting in and out of bed. 

Monday have my followup and hopefully he will remove the catheter and I can pee on my own. As I pee around the catheter now its tinged with pink, which is normal and will continue a couple days after removal. 

The nurses and techs were very good and took good care of me. Compared to how the other hospital treated dad I'm shocked and gratefull the surgeon had me go there. he is a really nice guy. I really cant thank him enough.

Most bizarre thing in my life was coming around in the recovery room, started out as a dream and slowly became real. I had the impression of a large room full of beds populated by people. The woman next to me was in some distress, no idea why. 

But they fed me solid food, even tho it was a good bet I was constipated. They gave me stool softeners. Im drinking like a fish, taking stool softeners, started M.O.M. last night and will continue...and a spoon of olive oil. 

So, I can say I'm doing as well as can be expected, still need to solve constipation and removal of catheter Monday 'should' let me pee normally again. I already have three packs of diapers and i'm sure i'll use every one. I'll be on restriction for 6 weeks and have to take it easy after that. 

But I'm so happy its over. So happy. Thankful for my neighbors who came and got me and called me the next day to make sure I was ok. Now I just worry about how much it will cost me. SS wont start til january, since I misunderstood how it works, but thats ok. 

Hope you're feeling better. Seems you always are on the go and helping someone. Praying you get some peace and rest. Did you get to have any fun? How was the feast?

I hate driving on the freeway now as well. Monday I have a 30 minute drive. Neighbor said he would drive me. I hate letting people help but I may do it. Esp since I may be peeing my diaper on the way home. 

Stool softeners dont work for me. I got a bottle of what you recommended so will try that or go olive oil again. 

I will be taking it very easy for a week and move a bit but still be carefull through end of year. I have to get up and move around. My strength is fine, balance is fine, I feel ok. Except the incisions are sore and my gut hurts. Soon will get back to studying. 

They mailed my blood test results. I am pre diabetic, may have liver or bone problems and high cholesteral.

Hope all is well with you and Kodie and Kitty. Take good care of yourself.


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14 hours ago, Tachi said:

I got a bottle of what you recommended so will try that or go olive oil again. 

What did I recommend for stool softener?  I don't even know what kind I took!  All I remember recommending are the fat bombs and they keep me regular.

What is your A1C?d  They say you're prediabetic when usually that means you're diabetic.  Their guidelines are off.  5.6 and under is normal.  Go super low carb!  I do under 20 carbs/day.  I can give you our group's website if you want...

It will get your Triglycerides, HDL where they need to be and also liver, kidney, pancreas.  Among other things.  Diabetes is related to almost everything.  It took care of my IBS, night blindness.  Total cholesterol and LDL aren't linked to heart like they say, I have tons of videos by doctors and studies...again, they go by old defunct guidelines.  You try talking to them and it's like they've been brainwashed this jargon and won't budge.  They don't listen, just repeat.  Oh well.  Been through that with my young doctor, I don't worry about it.  I passed the stress test, I'm happy.  My Triglycerides went from 276 to 93 in 4 months on Keto, probably sooner but that is when they tested me.

Do you have a recliner you could sleep in?  I can't imagine getting in/out of bed after surgery!  Praying for you!  

Getting a snow storm in tonight and will be snowing every day/night as far as they predict...ugh, not ready for this time of year.  Are we ever!





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Oh, forgot to mention, TG went great, picked up Melissa and Finley (her BF) and she drove the rest of the way to Paul's.  14 people.  Lots of food, all I could eat was the turkey and Brussel Sprouts, but I brought Paul and I a dessert we could eat.  The dogs were all ordered outside, poor Kodie was chased and humped on and licked and bothered by Murray their crazy Golden Retriever pup.  He sweet but nuts.  No training.  Four hours of that and Kodie slept all the way home that night and got up late!  Poor baby, he was exhausted!

It was good to see Melissa and Finley together, he's so sweet to her, of course I know they always are in the infatuation stage, but still, it was good to watch.  They've known each other a couple of years now, but were just getting to know each other until recently.

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I dont have that on my bloodtest. The one thats border high is just 'gluecose'. They sent this in the mail and of course it doesnt mean anything to me until I look it up. 

Im not accepting meds until I heal and try exercise and diet. Considering how Life has been this year and esp the past 3 months.

What I had on hand is Phillips stool softener. Going to walk more today. I can feel it in there and I feel and pass gas. But just cant push it out. frustrating. Doesnt help that I can get painful bladder spasms trying to have a bm. Going to try the heating pad I think. This will take some time so have to be patient. I feel safer getting in and out of bed. The gut pain is less and less afraid of splitting open anything. 

Glad to see you had a good time. Isnt it good to see young people in love. Hard to remember that I was that way at one time. One of the seasons of life. Poor Kodie. Hope he's recovering. I bet he missed his yard. 

I will be researching a new nutrition and going chicken and turkey, no fried, green veges. pears, one slice of toast a day. Many of what they recommend I simply wouldnt eat. But I will find a way. 

no recliner. Just have to do the best I can. Maybe the worst part is not knowing and worrying somethong is wrong inside. Dehydrated today, maybe the 3 stool softeners from yesterday. So dropping to one if I can rehydrate. I think its a balancing act. Just have to be ok to get to my appt Monday.

Batten down the hatches and stoke the fire. I love snow but probably not the amount you folks get. We are 54 today and a light rain. Normally id find an excuse to get outside because I love this weather. But staying in today.

Take good care of yourself and the beasts, stay warm.

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Also keep in mind that glucose can be elevated if you didn't have enough sleep the night before, something they don't mention. ;)

Aww, Kodie is back to normal, him and Jazzy ran hard for an hour yesterday!  Day before they just hung out. ;)

I can honestly say I do not like snow anymore...when I see it I think "shovel."  Ugh.  Also miss holidays, getting groceries, etc.  Will be a rough week and beyond.

I'm getting a load of dry firewood today!  Yay!  So glad, what Jack put in this stall is all rotted/too dry, so I have to load the fire 3 x day instead of 2.  I'm going through too much!  Costing more too.

They told me Mediterranean and that did nothing for me.  I also tried vegetarian, that did nothing for me either.  Keto is the only thing I've found that has helped all the many issues I tackled...Diabetes, liver, kidney, eyes, pancreas, triglycerides, HDL, it even staves off Dementia and Epilepsy!  I'm on it for life, sold!  :D  My son too.  Almost anything I made before I can replace with Keto recipes, I have collected hundreds!  I like posting them on our group because it refreshes my memory (Oh yeah, I haven't made that one in a long time, think I'll try it!).

54 sounds good!  Stay warm and keep comfortable!



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Went to the Urologist today and they removed my catheter. They were very sure this all worked. I must say I've never peed so well in my life. Just a bit of discomfort but hopefully that goes away. I had been drinking so much water when i woke up. i thought they would ask me to pee for them. Nope. they just removed it and said  'youre done sir'. Its such a relief to regain my ability to pee, seems crazy. Hoping no complications. My bladder will need to heal but so far lasting an hour and a half. Now also a matter of the wound(s) healing. Belly is still sore. Sometimes, I wake up in the morning and my body automatically stretches, or rather the muscles tense. This morning was afarid I'd ripped my gut, that painful.

I think there are many things that could skew the numbers. But in any case I will look at refining my nutrition and exercise when I can. Healing of wounds approx 6 weeks. fully healed to 3 months. 

Good to hear Kodie is back. He seems so easy going.Such a good puppy.

Snow is more fun when you dont have to shovel it, drive in it and all that fun stuff. I like watching it fall and what it does to the garden.

Got some soft molasses cookies, good stuff.

Take care this week. I've read is supposed to be a dry and warm winter til Jan and then back to normal. Then ive read its going to be colder and wetter. I never know who to believe.

One cold night I should light a fire. I dont use the living room but the smell would be nice. Good you're getting wood, get stocked up now.

I need to take some time and read on whats in each of these. Keto sounds really good. I have alot of food on hand. I think I will eat what I can have and save the other stuff for emergencies. Esp if I can make some breads or sweetbreads.

Take good care of yourself, stay warm.

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12 hours ago, Tachi said:

I've read is supposed to be a dry and warm winter

East of here, yes, but in the PNW it's going to be harsh, cold, storms.

I have hundreds of recipes, if you're interested, let me know.  I don't miss my old way of eating.  Recipes are organized in folders, I could email you them in that way.  Almost anything I used to eat I have another recipe for just fixed with different ingredients!

I am so happy for you with your catheter out!  Even as sore as you are right now, I'm sure it's a huge relief to get it out and be able to pee on your own!  I'm sure the pain and discomfort will be gone in a short time (2-4 weeks?).  I'm beyond relieved!

Got the wood delivered yesterday, he stacked it in two rows to keep out of the weather, just higher than the other rows.  I got a load up on the deck (about 100 ft. away) it feels heavy and not as dry, maybe cut last year?  I usually cure my wood 2 1/2 years, they suggest two.  I built a fire last night with it.  So nice to have it!  If I run low in a few months, I'll try to get more from him.

Kodie did his scooting on his side yesterday, face buried in the snow, he just loves it so much!
A Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: The #1 Keto Guide - Diet Doctor



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I can't sing the praises of Keto enough!  I also do Intermittent Fasting (no eating 20 hours, two meals in four hour period).

·         Reversed Diabetes, off meds

·         Reversed Fuchs Dystrophy of the Corneas (night blindness)

·         Triglycerides went from 276 to 93 (normal) in four months

·         Healed Cirrhosis of the liver

·         HDL 50s went to upper 90s

·         Lowered Cholesterol, got off statins

·         Neuropathy burning, gone

·         Food Allergies 37+ years, gone

·         IBS gone

·         High WBC & Calcium (years) gone

·         Kidney Damage Reversed

·         Asthma, gone

·         Cirrhosis of the liver, gone.

·         Had been maxed out on Diabetic meds 11 years, got off of them!

·         I’d stake my life on Keto!  It can reverse dementia and help prevent cancer.  Had tried Weight Watchers, Prism, Mediterranean, and Vegetarian, none did all this for me.

·         Oh and I lost 75 lbs and kept it off and have more energy than ever!

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Hoping your day went okay and thinking of you as you begin this healing process.  Take your time and be patient with yourself, no lifting, straining, etc.  I'm sure you know all that, but sometimes easy to forget for a moment.  Take care of yourself, the house sale can wait, Spring would be easier anyway.  Maybe things will improve by then in the market?  Who knows.  I'm glad you'll soon have soc. sec. coming in!

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Thanks for looking out for me. I need to see what to eat and not eat for each bad number on my bloodtest and see how to eat on keto and med diets. I unfortunately cant toss out my food at this point since I will have medical bills coming. So will do the best I can with what I have. 

As fa as recipes go...maybe a simple casserole or a recipe with turkey? Or/and an easy bread or sweetbread?  I plan on eating turkey and chicken. And lots of green veges plus some pears. And a piece of toast. My biggest problems now are healing and constipation. I was trying not to take things every day but adding Stool softener and metamucil capsule every night. Trying to eat as much fiber as I can. And drink water. But still struggling.

Maybe kodie was doing a snow angel the dog way, lol. He sounds like he really loves playing. 

Normally we would be low 60s, swinging between 40s and 70s, crazy.

Healing-I read to heal internal wounds 6 weeks. Fully up to three months. The way they did this its a shorter recovery time. But I will be very carefull. Going to do nothing til january. And then come back slowly. 

Sounds like your heating is set for the winter. I dont have alot of wood but may make a fire one cold night just for the smell.

It is amazing how much better I feel just having the catheter out. I feel pretty good except for the incision pain and soreness behind my big incision. When I wake up i do a hard stretch w/out thinking and it hurts likecrazy. Im trying to not stretch.

Thanks for the keto link, will read tomorrow.

One of the pleasant surprises about this surgery is that there is no incontinence. It doesnt touch the sphincter to the bladder so that part is intact. But my poor bladder was  crushed by the prostate si i pee alot. Lol. But i can pee. Thats whats important.

making some mild chili, is 54 and overcast, feels pretty good outside. I feel pretty good. Being mindful to walk around yet not lift or strain. 

How much snow do you have? Too bad Kodie isnt bigger or he could pull a sled. Take good care of yourself and stay warm.


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Okay, I sent you some recipes and charts, I hope they come through your email okay.

For constipation the fat bombs are great (in desserts).  My favorites are the chocolate and peanut butter.  My favorite dessert is the Chocolate Mug Cake, takes a large mug and I microwave 75 seconds instead of 90, every microwave varies, mine is 1200 watts.

I love my Dump Soup, I don't measure, just throw things in the food processor (several loads, large pan of hot water with chicken bouillon in it, along with bratwurst, chicken, turkey, venison, whatever you have.  Veggies: cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, bok choy, celery, tomato, again, whatever you have on hand.  Heat to a boil.  Put lid on, turn burner off but leave pan on it for an hour, done!  Ready to cool and refrigerate!  I eat on it several days!  Great summer or winter.

On Keto we don't eat fruit except berries, melon, anything else, test and see if you spike (need a glucose meter, but your insurance should provide one if the doctor prescribes, otherwise, WalMart has a inexpensive brand and strips.  You get the hang of it in time. ;)


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So Kodie was in his yard and Panther came up to his fence (wire mesh) and he spun for Panther, then Panther spun for him!  I couldn't believe that!  I've never seen a cat do that before!  He definitely is claiming Kodie as "his dog."  He is fat like Buddha, I don't see how he got so fat on what he's eating, especially outside in the elements.  He still can't meow but his squeak is getting stronger, undoubtedly he was damaged from the smoke.  Makes me wonder about the horses and chickens up here, if they are as well.

I've got a few inches, IDK, maybe 5.  I woke up at 1 and on my way to the bathroom checked the therm. and it said 20!  I'd checked their hourly forecast before bedtime and it said 22 at 3, nope (24 at 2)!  I had to shovel my way out to the storage area where the pipes and tank are and turn the heater on it.  So glad my pipes didn't freeze!

I'm thinking Kodie is plenty strong enough to pull a sled!  But unfortunately doesn't come with braking. :D


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