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Dropping In for a visit.


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Oh my goodness!  To come visit here all these years later reminds me of how broken, shattered, lost and vulnerable I was when Doug left more than 6 years ago. And how I have grown, found my own way, and come to know more about this new me who is making her way solo these days.

What has touched me on this visit is the wonderful loving warmth, the tender compassion and heart-felt support which has always been the hallmark of Marty's place.  OH, how I hope everyone here is healing, that the grief is not too heavy to bear, that the minutes of peace and good memories come, that from the depths of your heart arises the Grace of loving memories of a Love that has changed form, but not left you as bereft as you may feel today.  How can I tell you how you will be stronger, how your heart will slowly mend, how your will smile again at the sound of children' laughter, or the flight of a butterfly, and that life will charm and enchant you again one day. How wonderful, how heart-warming, how joy-filled and grief-burdened, how courageous and yet lost we all have been. 

Find a bit of beauty in every day.  It is how we help the healing of our hearts. 

Thank you to all the beautiful spirits, the loving hearts here who helped me to be able to stand and and walk through the shadowed valley of loss, when I thought I'd never be able to get off of my knees again.

*<twinkles>* feralfae  (Special Love to Marty, especially)

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It's good to hear from you again!  I hope all is going well for you, I think of you and wonder about you in your parts of the country.  Miss your twinkles!!  :)

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