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2018 halfway over


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Hello fellow forum members,

I find it hard to believe that we are halfway through 2018.

It is time for us to review the value of having a discussion group like this.  The membership has grown to almost 9300 members and this is so awesome. Knowing that there is a safe place for us to come and share in our grief healing is a reason to contribute financially to its continuation if we are able. Our moderator has placed a donation button to help with the cost of monitoring and moderating a site that has solid and informative information to guide us along the way of healing after significant loss. There is no other forum on the Internet like this one. Marty’s grief healing blog, as well as her Pinterest site, offers more places where we can gather information that is meaningful to each one of us.

The site will always be available to us free as Marty wants it to be but we all know that to continue with this forum it is important to realize that the time spent on its success does require some help from us, its members. Any amount of a donation is greatly appreciated and accepted with deep gratitude.

Besides the time put into the success of this forum, it does require money to continue with a ‘no ad’ spot on the Internet. Marty would never come right out and say how much it costs to keep a spot on the Internet but a few of us can gently do it.

Please consider a donation of whatever you are able to contribute to keeping this site going. I have no problem asking for donations for a worthy cause. This grief healing discussions group is worth keeping it available to all of us.  Those who do contribute to the forum thank you and to those who might think a dollar or two a month won’t help you are wrong. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Every post is read by Marty and links to help in a particular need are spot on. The exchange of support by its members is what makes this site unique. Grieving people are the most caring and thoughtful of all and that is what makes this a site to keep up and running.

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