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Missing our Gracie

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It’s been ten long months since our baby girl joined the angels in heaven.  

We are expecting a new baby girl in December.  We have her name picked out now.  Riley Grace.  Grace after our dear Gracie.  

Imiss her so much.  My pregnancy hormones are raging.  I’m super emotional.  


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Riley Grace, a beautiful name.  It will be nice to have another baby to hold, although you still have one, he's getting bigger though!

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Thank you Kay.  

Allen and I are so aching for our Gracie right now.  My mother heart misses all our angels.  But Gracie’s and Noah’s are really stinging to me.  I still feel so responsible for Noah’s not wearing a helmet and his accident.  And I couldn’t keep Gracie healthy.  She was our rainbow 🌈.  And now Ryan is.  And in Dec. Riley Grace will be.  I can’t wait to have a new baby to hold and have Caleb love on.  But right now our hearts ache.  💔😢

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May the love you have for your beloved Gracie and Noah shine forever in your heart, dear Katie ~ and warmest congratulations on the newest little one about to enter your family, soon to be filling your arms with brand new daughterly love. You are in our thoughts and prayers . . . ❤️

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